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Healtheries KidsCare Gluten-Free Fun Puffs cereal contains 40% less sugar than other kids cereals and friendly bacteria for a healthy tummy.

Made with no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives and coloured from the juices of fruits and vegetables, this makes Healtheries Fun Puffs Cereal fun, yum and good for your little monsters tum!

  • Gluten-free
  • With prebiotics and probiotics
  • 40% less sugar than other kids cereals
  • No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives
  • 4 Health Stars
  • Available in a 300g Box form leading supermarkets

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  1. jeniplatt 17/03/2020 at 7:51 pm

    my daughter totally loves these.. Love the variety of colour and they taste amazing. Put Yoghurt in with them and this is a really nutritious breakfast. Love the packaging it comes in – bright and appealing . even though less sugar – wasnt noticeable and still so tasty. I use those cereals as a weekend treat as go through them too quickly otherwise lol.

  2. Rozvergara 17/03/2020 at 1:51 pm

    My daughter was so excited to open the package and ripped the box open! She also really enjoyed eating the cereals. She calls it rainbow rice puff. It’s perfect with milk to dilute the sugar, which I believe is half of the other fruit cereal brand.

  3. Bigam4 17/03/2020 at 9:36 am

    Thankyou for the opportunity for my son to try this cereal. He absolutely loved it ! So much more apoealing than plain rice puffs with the different colours. Was also great that it is low sugar with added prebiotics for great gut health. He also loved the packaging as it had cool colours and a cartoon monster. Also great it has a 4 star rating and is gluten free as i was able to try for myself.

  4. Mixydoo 16/03/2020 at 2:54 pm

    My little girl Loves these, they are a little messy but i actually like watching her use her fine motor skills to pick up the ones she has dropped. She gets so excited when she sees the box come out and i also like the fact they aren’t sweet at all. I snuck a bit of a try myself. Might even make some rice bubble bars with them 🙂
    Perfect for breakfast or as a little treat.

  5. Robyn Lovewell 16/03/2020 at 1:29 pm

    An update… my 14 year old came home from boarding school for the weekend, and devoured what was left of the puffs for dessert with yoghurt the first night (yum!). I bought another box, and after returning her to school this morning, discovered that one had been snatched and taken with her. Suffice to say it seems this product is teenager approved too!

    I’m interested in the comments about the packaging – like others I feel like it is pretty flimsy, and mine arrived damaged, but I’m not sure if I am bothered about that. Would like to see a more recyclable/compostable inner bag. I feel like it doesn’t jump out at me on the shelf, it looks very similar to the products targeted to adults. Loved the mask on the back though, and I note that others with younger kids have said their little ones love the packaging, so perhaps I am just out of touch! And perhaps the box appealed more to the teenager because it wasn’t too “babyish” – she obviously didn’t mind all her peers seeing it at school.

    Right, now I’m off to buy ANOTHER box…

  6. raglanmum 16/03/2020 at 12:29 pm

    Miss 10 tired the Healtheries Fun Puffs Cereal in our house. It was a mixed review. She liked look of the 3 different colours, but wasn’t taken with the flavour. She said “it’s ok”. I was taken with the ‘hidden’ healthy benefits, but noticed the cereal did tend to go soggy quite quickly.

  7. Kamox 16/03/2020 at 11:33 am

    This product suited our family – we have a coeliac daughter and she loved having a fun option to enjoy without feeling left out. Our 2 yr old also got in on the action and I loved it was 40% less sugar. For us it’s not an everyday food – but nice to have a treat

  8. Gaynorbennett81 15/03/2020 at 10:01 pm

    Thank you for giving us this product to try! My daughter (9) always wants cocoa puffs and I always say no – too much sugar and nothing healthy. So these were a fantastic alternative for us both! She feels like she’s getting a ‘treat’ breakfast, while I’m happy that it’s reduced sugar and with some other health factors in there too. She really likes them and I’ve bought more since too, though they probably won’t be something I have in the pantry every week. My son (2) didn’t want to try them but I’m sure in time he’ll enjoy them too.
    Thanks again. And sorry my review is late – I’m a Travel Agent so you can imagine that’s all consuming at the mo!

  9. Mummyof3 15/03/2020 at 7:10 pm

    This was great for all my 3 kids to try. Mr 3 & miss 6 liked the novelty of them and as the only time they get treat cereal is at nana’s they felt very lucky to have them mid week. Mr 3 ate his whole bowl but that was enough for him & he went back to his porridge quickly afterwards. Miss 6 had them a couple more times but again wasn’t a big fan. Miss 10 however who has the sweetest tooth out of the lot of them, said they were not very nice. However, she wolfed down bowl after bowl so I don’t think she can really say she didn’t like them! They turned the milk chocolatey just like coco pops do but were not as sweet. I don’t think I’d buy them for home simply because my kids didn’t love them, however I will be telling nana to stock up when we go to stay at Easter as they’re much better for the kids than the usual treat breakfast!

  10. LB80 15/03/2020 at 4:54 pm

    I was so excited to be able to trial this cereal as it is gluten and dairy free so perfect for my children.
    I thought the colours were very bright and exciting for children. I personally found it quite sweet, but both of my children loved the cereal.
    I love the fact that it has the added probiotics and prebiotics for their health but overall I personally wouldn’t buy this or it would be for a holiday/treat cereal as for me as a Mum even though it had 40% less sugar it was still too much.
    We also did make some rice bubble cupcakes with it. Which I would buy this cereal again to do make these again for a birthday party. As allergy friendly and super bright.

  11. melwaters 15/03/2020 at 4:47 pm

    We really enjoyed receiving our box of Fun Puffs to try, our delivery turned up just as we left for school. Needless to say the kids were very excited to try once they finished school and it was a nice afternoon treat.
    Master 6 loves Coco Pops and he was really impressed with Healtheries Fun Puffs. His feedback was ‘these are better than Coco Pops Mummy!’
    Miss 8 really likes them too and asked for them the next morning.
    We also had them as a dry lunchbox snack which the kids really liked.
    I’ll be buying Fun Puffs in the future and really like that I can offer the kids a healthier cereal choice. It’s a bonus that they have prebiotics and probiotics 👌
    Thanks for the opportunity to try Healtheries Fun Puffs we love them!

  12. Nicc 14/03/2020 at 1:29 pm

    This week we have been trying out the healtheries gluten free fun puffs! This cereal has Pre and probiotics to help promote healthy tummies and has 40% less sugar, which is fantastic and my kids didn’t notice as it was still sweet enough to be yummy. The green and pink rice pops added a bit of fun and they really enjoyed the chocolate milk left in the bowl afterwards! My two and 3 year olds absolutely loved this cereal, mr 3 loved the monster mask cutout on the back. My 8 year old daughter said it tasted ‘boring’ but I still caught her sneaking handfuls out of the box to eat dry, so she can’t of thought is was that bad. Very happy with this product and depending on its price, I would definitely buy again,

  13. Robynne 12/03/2020 at 4:34 pm

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to trial this product. Needless to say my daughter was super excited. She loved the colours and the imagery on the box. She couldn’t wait for breakfast to tried to straight away – she loved it. Her friend came over too and they both said they enjoyed it. Love that it’s healthy

  14. ShonaRussell 12/03/2020 at 9:46 am

    Thank you for selecting my family to trial this product. My kids loved it. I liked that it has less surgar than a lot of other cereals they like. As a coeliac I was abel to try this myself and I have to say i found it quite nice as well.

  15. Brookestorey 12/03/2020 at 6:52 am

    Bella normally only ever eats weetbix and that is a struggle! This morning however she at the whole now of fun puffs and then asked for more. Sugar content is great too, I’m sure will be a staple in our house

  16. Robyn Lovewell 11/03/2020 at 12:46 pm

    I wasn’t sure about this product when I saw it on the shelves… I’ve tried other “healthy” kids cereals, but they just haven’t tasted right, funny after taste or texture that puts the kids off. My 11 year old was not convinced when I told him we were going to trial Fun Puffs.

    However…he loves them! Really good crunch, just sweet enough (you certainly don’t notice the 40% less sugar) and brighten up a bowl of cereal no end. We don’t have them on their own – always mixed with weetbix or oats to make a plain cereal more appealing. We also are both guilty of grabbing handfuls dry from the box! It’s a tasty snack for sure.

    It’s worth noting that we are a dairy free household, so my son eats these with rice milk for breakfast. They flavour and colour up the milk really nicely, and he enjoys that. I’ll definitely buy them again.

  17. rochelleg 11/03/2020 at 10:53 am

    Thank you for selecting us, and sorry for the delay my son has had a tummy bug and was not interested in food.

    First of all he LOVED the packaging. Was so excited by the monsters/aliens and the fact he could make a mask.
    The colours were also very appealing to him. As for taste, he was not that keen on actually trying it. He is a fussy eater and as i mentioned earlier lost his appetite. He ate about half of what i put in his bowl. He said it was ok but did not want to eat again.
    The 13 yr old scoffed the lot just fine!!!

  18. ralf_71 11/03/2020 at 9:24 am

    I loved this product, I thought the packaging was fun and easy to spot. The taste was sweeter than I thought, great to see the colourings were natural. My son thought they were okay. He is not a huge cereal fan but he did eat 3 bowls over a week which is a lot for him.
    If the price point was good I would definitely buy from the supermarket.

  19. rebeccam 10/03/2020 at 9:29 pm

    Thank you Healtheries and Kidspot for choosing our family to trial this yummy cereal. Miss 10 and Master 6 have been tucking into this and enjoyed it very much. Especially for Miss 10 who doesn’t really like cereal at the best of times. We have already included this in our weekly shop. I also tried it and appreciated it wasn’t overly sweet, but still tasty and appealing to the kids.

  20. Jaqui 10/03/2020 at 8:32 pm

    Thankyou for giving my daughter the opportunity to trial fun puffs…and indeed she thought they were fun!
    Fascinated by the colour she was so excited to try them and the flavour didnt disappoint! She loves them!
    I’m am so impressed by the added pre/probiotics, so important to maintain good gut health for our children. Also having 40% less sugar than other brands is a real winner, will definitely be popping more in the shopping trolley!

  21. Jay 10/03/2020 at 7:39 pm

    Well this lasted all of 2 days in my house, j ma aged to get a taste before my 3 gobbled up, they loved it as fancy cereal is a treat in my house purely because of the sugar in it, but once I fi d this at supermarket and pending on price it may become a weekly thing, I’ll have to hide it from the teenager tho who can eat nearly half the box in 1. Very tasty and love that it’s less sugar

  22. Debbieandcayden 10/03/2020 at 5:21 pm

    My 6 year old absolutely loved these and they are what they say fun puffs the different colours make these fun for kids. Great to know they have less suger in them healthy food is always great for kids. This is now the breakfast he has everyday thanks for letting us try this. 😁

  23. Tashakobe 10/03/2020 at 5:16 pm

    This product was a mixed bag for my family. One twin like it the other didn’t even want to try it.

    Still trying to get Miss L too taste test it and will update this when she does.

    Miss H gave the thumbs up pretty quickly on this and now asks for some in her lunchbox (without milk). I love the fact there is less sugar than most other cereals and the added pre and probiotics is a big plus.

    My big girl (12 years) is yet to try it but she’s not a big fan of cereal.

    If Miss L starts eating it then I’ll definitely be buying more.

  24. Glenfelik 10/03/2020 at 3:09 pm

    What a fabulous idea!!! A funky as breakfast cereal that is coloured like a unicorn – what more could anyone want?

    My son ate his bowl full for breakfast this morning and really enjoyed them, then said Mum how about you make some bubble slice with them that would look cool! So I did and they were snapped up. I love the fact that they are a fairly healthy with 40% less sugar.

    So many good things to write about the Fun Puffs! Full of prebiotics and probiotics as well as no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.

    The packaging is fairly flimsy and the box doesn’t withstand what normal cereal boxes do.

    I would totally buy this again next time. Both my kids preferred it dry without milk, but I think that is more because it makes it an on the go cereal rather than they have to sit at the table to consume!

    Taste wise (I sneaked some as well) they taste ok. We were trying to work out if you could distinguish between the 3 colours, I don’t think we were successful in that blind taste test.

  25. Ange1210 10/03/2020 at 10:14 am

    My 4 year old absolutely loved these and thought they were the best. I loved knowing that it had reduced sugar and other health benefits. As a parent it gave me confidence. Unfortunately my 8 year old was not a big fan and only managed a couple of spoonfuls.

  26. lovejoy900 09/03/2020 at 2:44 pm

    We were lucky enough to get the cereal sent to us for a trial. It has been a great success in this household. My almost 3 year old has gone off cereal lately but when he tried this he really liked it and even has it without milk most of the time. Yah thank you very much for letting us try it, it’s great to have less sugar then most cereals and still be yummy enough for the kids to love.

  27. shellv 09/03/2020 at 1:12 pm

    There was much excitement from my 4 and 8 year old girls when the Courier delivered these Healtheries Fun Puffs, just in time to try for breakfast.  They were actually most excited about having ‘colourful’ cereal – as I don’t usually buy any cereals specifically directed at kids, on account of the typically high sugar content, but these definitely got the ‘mum tick’ from me after a quick read of the box.  Great to see they contain prebiotics and probiotics, which are so beneficial for gut health. Also pleasing that they contain no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.  Lots of really great info included on the packaging too.  The kids both loved the box design, and immediately went into negotiation over who would get to cut out the monster mask on the back!  When it came to the taste test I was actually a bit surprised that my 4 year old wasn’t actually that much of a fan. She usually prefers no sugar at all on her cereals, so think she found this a bit sweet for her taste.  My 8 year old thought they were just ok (she I think is the opposite and was expecting them to be sweeter!). They ended up actually both preferring them without any milk added.  There  was also much discussion about what flavour each color puff was, and Miss 4 spent quite some time sorting them out into ‘colours’ on her plate haha.  While they weren’t quite the breakfast hit that I (or they!) were expecting, they have just been eating them as a snack instead.  I think I’ll pop the rest into some baking, perhaps some pretty crackles or bars for their lunch boxes.  Overall a good product from Healtheries (can’t please all of the kids all of the time!), I think they would definitely be a  worthwhile buy for parents wanting to swap to a healthier kids cereal option.  Thanks Kidspot and Healtheries for the opportunity to trial. 

  28. MartaA 09/03/2020 at 1:03 pm

    My 3 year-old absolutely loves her new ‘rainbow cereal’ as she calls it! We both like the fact it has 40% less sugar and added goodness without compromising on taste. This new product will definitely become a staple pantry item in our house. My 6 year-old just flat out refused to try it unfortunately. Another slight complaint I have is the quality of outer packaging. It is very thin (more like thick paper than cardboard) and it arrived damaged.

    • KavahlisMum 16/03/2020 at 5:55 pm

      Thankyou for choosing our family to try Healtheries Fun Puffs! The kids both 8 and 1 were excited to try them once they arrived! I think the packaging is very attractive to kids and informitave for parents. A few things impressed me, being made in New Zealand, having prebiotics and probiotics and having 40% less sugar than other cereals! My kids are big cereal eaters and I thought my 8 year old would notice the sugar content but he really enjoyed these and asked for a second helping. We enjoyed this product and will purchase it I the future!

  29. serenajay 09/03/2020 at 11:16 am

    Our family was lucky enough to try out the new Healtheries Fun Puffs Cereal and my 3 children were very excited to be able to have this for breakfast. As a mum I try very hard to keep the food quite healthy that my kids eat which means that I liked that this cereal has 40% less sugar than other kids cereals as well as having the added benefit of prebiotics and probiotics. It also has no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives which is impressive considering that it is a coloured cereal. My children are also gluten free for health reasons so they often miss out on special cereals because of that so they were really excited that they were actually able to eat this! They all really enjoyed the taste and flavour and asked for seconds. Overall, we did like this cereal but I would personally still consider it a treat food to have on the odd occasion as while it is 40% less sugar than other kids cereals, it does still have a good amount of sugar in it. Also between my 3 boys (aged 3yrs, 6yrs, 8yrs) they easily demolished a whole box of this cereal between them for one breakfast so it wouldn’t be cost effective option to feed my kids every day.

  30. am0223 09/03/2020 at 9:07 am

    My son(9) doesn’t get to eat cereal like this normally. I thought he would be more excited to try but didn’t seemed phased. As a parent I liked the additional health benefits of this product, but found them too sweet.

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