Modibodi Period and Leak-proof Underwear & Activewear

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Discover Modibodi – the original period undies

With over 3 million pairs sold, Modibodi® is the #1 selling period underwear that has you covered for periods, light bladder leaks, sweat, and other drips.

These are so much more than undies! Modibodi’s reliable protection has led the way since 2013, as a complete replacement for pads, tampons and liners – and a joy to wear everywhere. Made from high quality fabrics, the tech-savvy blend feels snug, silky and dry. So, you can ditch the disposables, feel safe, and even a little sassy for saving the planet. Join the other 9/10 women who would recommend Modibodi to a friend as the most absorbent and comfortable brand on the market!

Modibodi is available in a range of absorbencies to suit your level of protection, day or night. The range includes underwear, swimwear, activewear, as well as maternity and post birth, plus the Red by Modibodi teen range.

Modibodi period and leak-proof underwear and activewear:

  • Minimise odour
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Leak- proof
  • Wash & reuse
  • Available up to size 26

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  1. Marike7209 21/10/2020 at 4:10 pm

    Apologies for the late review. My cycle is irregular so wanted to wait until I could properly try them.

    I received the Modibodi full brief size 24. I really like that they are seamless and so soft. They are easy to wash.
    I was pleasantly surprised by how well they absorb, even when flow was heavy. Although they fit snug, they were comfortable to wear.

    I also like that the absorbent part goes all the way up to the top on the back, as that is where I generally have most leaking problems overnight.

    I have bern avoiding going out when I have my cycle dfue to leakage, but I will definitely be more confident going out with these.
    I will definitely recommend these, and continue using it.

  2. Jyostana 16/10/2020 at 9:03 pm

    I was so thrilled to receive this product. Initially a little hesitant to wear it thinking what if it doesn’t do its job. But I am glad I tried it and used it with confidence. I got a classic boy leg with less moderate flow. I am so happy with the product I am definitely buying the one with heavy flow. No rashes, no stains and so comfortable. I definitely recommend this product. Thank you for choosing me to try this product.

  3. Millzy86 13/10/2020 at 3:35 pm

    Firstly thank you for the opportunity to trial this product. I received the high waisted bikini med-heavy absorption
    This product is a game changer after receiving them i have gone on to buy multiple more pairs for rotation.
    I used during a period to test their usability and they are great i had no leaks and no complaints on the product at all. Have also used for LBL and found once again no leakage or concerns.
    They fit so well and comfortably, very true to size which was something i was worried about being in the plus size category.
    Thank you for introducing me to an amazing product that will save countless $$.

  4. nikki 06/10/2020 at 3:15 pm

    I was so excited to be selected to trial this product, I had hoped to try reusable products in the past but ended up getting pregnant each time I looked into them (no chance of that happening now though lol). I honestly had no idea what to expect. I received a overnight/heavy flow. Unfortunately in the trial period I did not get my period due to being so irregular postpartum but with 4 pregnancies over 10 years, 2 in the last 2 years and the last one being so recent (6months) my pelvic floor muscles are not what they use to be and I was experiencing a few issues during exercise with sweat and leakages. I loved that the package gave clear instructions. At first I looked at the band and was concerned at how it did not look like it would stretch at all which had me second guessing my sizing choice despite following the sizing chart to a tea. So I cautiously slid them on and they were a perfect fit. So off I headed to the gym for a double les mills class session. At first I was paranoid they looked bulky but I very quickly forgot I was even wearing them. After classes I was use to almost feeling like I had wet myself due to the sweat etc from class however this time I didn’t. I didnt need to keep pulling them up or adjust them like I would when wearing a pad. I also didn’t notice the lovely odour I get after a full almost 2 hour work out. I can’t wait to test them out when my period does decide to show. If they hold up during my period as well as they did while exercising I will definitely be ordering some more for myself and for miss 9 when she starts getting her period.

  5. freeskyspirit 30/09/2020 at 2:44 pm

    I received the Modibodi Active Running shorts in size 14. To say they are good or even great is an understatement. These are so flexible, comfortable and absorbent. They also look amazing on too! I am currently 8 months pregnant and still workout everyday. My traditional workout shorts with built in underwear were just not comfortable and certainly didn’t provide any protection for leaks, etc. The waistband cut into me, and the built in underwear were constantly riding.. The Modibodi Active Running shorts have been the best thing for both sweat, leakage and I know when I am back to my regular cycle, it will not only meet the task but exceed my expectations.

  6. RachaMcAn 30/09/2020 at 12:56 pm

    i was pretty excited to get to try these out, i have never used period underwear before and have been super keen to give them a go. being plus size i was worried about the fit and if the collection point in the underwear would be at the right place. i received a size 26 full brief light-moderate flow pair.
    i did receive them after my last period so had to wait a bit to try them out.
    wearing them for the first time i was really worried about leaking, but it really wasn’t an issue.
    they are super comfortable to wear and yes its a little thicker and a little noticeable but a lot less bulky than wearing a pad. i normally use reusable menstrual pads for allergy reasons. i had no problem wearing the underwear, didn’t have any reaction to them which was awesome. couldn’t tell it had collected anything and it felt dry the whole time i wore them, but when i wrung them out there was definitely blood collected. so that was pretty cool. i will be buying more. these would also be great if you know your period is due and don’t want to get caught out by it. would highly recommend to anyone!

  7. RuthTate 29/09/2020 at 3:29 pm

    I received my Size 8 Modibodi Classic Air Bikini knickers just after I’d finished my period so I had to wait a whole month to review them. Perfect timing, though. My heaviest day fell on a running day so I popped the Modibodi knickers on and set off for my run.
    They are super comfortable and, even after 12.5km I had no chafing, which I normally experience if I run wearing a pad. No leaking, wet feeling or discomfort. And no riding up. They were brilliant.
    I’ll definitely be buying a few more pairs, choosing a size 10 as these were a little snug.
    Photo to follow.

  8. Kelliena 24/09/2020 at 11:05 am

    Modibodi size 14- full brief for med-heavy flow.
    These surprised me in so many ways!
    I am usually a tampon user and strongly dislike pads for the feel of them. These undies fit snug but are very comfortable, seamless and soft.
    They hold much more than a super tampon and feel much less bulky and wet than pads. The merino gusset lining wicks the moisture away leaving you feel dry considering all that’s going on.
    Great option for over night heavy cycle when I used to have to get up to change a tampon or do away with icky pads that shift and leak.
    Highly recommend and would definitely be purchasing a few more for my heavy flow nights for sure!

  9. Hayz010 21/09/2020 at 10:37 am

    I received a bikini style brief to review. I received a moderate-heavy flow.
    I hadn’t used period underwear before and was still getting comfortable with a menstrual cup.
    When I opened them I thought they looked tiny, like I’d never get them on! I’m a standard size 10/medium in other underwear. Modibodi’s size 10 did end up fitting perfectly and we snug but comfortable, they made be feel confident like nothing would move and escape!

    I used them as a back up to my cup for the first day then on day three used them by themselves. I was 100% surprised how well they worked! It was just like using underwear. When I rinsed them it did take awhile for the water to run clear, I guess that’s a sign how absorbent they are!

    I’m looking forward to trying them for exercise and to see how long they last. I’ll definitely be purchasing a couple more ModiBodi period underwear.

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