Modibodi Period and Leak-proof Underwear & Activewear

Discover Modibodi – the original period undies

With over 3 million pairs sold, Modibodi® is the #1 selling period underwear that has you covered for periods, light bladder leaks, sweat, and other drips.

These are so much more than undies! Modibodi’s reliable protection has led the way since 2013, as a complete replacement for pads, tampons and liners – and a joy to wear everywhere. Made from high quality fabrics, the tech-savvy blend feels snug, silky and dry. So, you can ditch the disposables, feel safe, and even a little sassy for saving the planet. Join the other 9/10 women who would recommend Modibodi to a friend as the most absorbent and comfortable brand on the market!

Modibodi is available in a range of absorbencies to suit your level of protection, day or night. The range includes underwear, swimwear, activewear, as well as maternity and post birth, plus the Red by Modibodi teen range.

Modibodi period and leak-proof underwear and activewear:

  • Minimise odour
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Leak- proof
  • Wash & reuse
  • Available up to size 26

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  1. Kelliena 24/09/2020 at 11:05 am

    Modibodi size 14- full brief for med-heavy flow.
    These surprised me in so many ways!
    I am usually a tampon user and strongly dislike pads for the feel of them. These undies fit snug but are very comfortable, seamless and soft.
    They hold much more than a super tampon and feel much less bulky and wet than pads. The merino gusset lining wicks the moisture away leaving you feel dry considering all that’s going on.
    Great option for over night heavy cycle when I used to have to get up to change a tampon or do away with icky pads that shift and leak.
    Highly recommend and would definitely be purchasing a few more for my heavy flow nights for sure!

  2. Hayz010 21/09/2020 at 10:37 am

    I received a bikini style brief to review. I received a moderate-heavy flow.
    I hadn’t used period underwear before and was still getting comfortable with a menstrual cup.
    When I opened them I thought they looked tiny, like I’d never get them on! I’m a standard size 10/medium in other underwear. Modibodi’s size 10 did end up fitting perfectly and we snug but comfortable, they made be feel confident like nothing would move and escape!

    I used them as a back up to my cup for the first day then on day three used them by themselves. I was 100% surprised how well they worked! It was just like using underwear. When I rinsed them it did take awhile for the water to run clear, I guess that’s a sign how absorbent they are!

    I’m looking forward to trying them for exercise and to see how long they last. I’ll definitely be purchasing a couple more ModiBodi period underwear.

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