Colouring for kids: Play dough fun

Colouring for kids: Play dough fun

A great activity to suit just about any age, this play dough fun will encourage learning through play with colouring pages and certainly keep the kids between the lines. You can create your own play dough just about any colour imaginable, and suit any picture the kids choose.

What you need:

Number of players:


Make up some play dough for the kids. Don't forget to make many colours so imaginations can be set free!

Choose any one of the FREE printable colouring sheets from our range of colouring pages for kids.

Pop the colouring sheets into the resealable bags to protect them.

Once the play dough has cooled, get started. Press a small amount into each section of the colouring page and stay as close to the lines as possible.

When finished, the sheets can be reused for the same activity another day or taken out of the sheets and coloured with markers. Either way, a simple activity for the kids to play and redo time and time again.


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