Clever Ways To Get Baby To Sleep

As parents we are inundated with advice about caring for our children and the subject of getting baby to sleep is always a hot topic. If the internet is anything to go by, there are multiple miracle answers, so here’s a few of the more interesting methods.

Do any of them work for you? Or do you have a completely different approach? Share in the comments below.

The ‘I will annoy you until you drop off’ approach

Seems simple enough to try though I highly recommend swaddling baby first to avoid playing tug of war with the tissue!

Though, be careful as, according to this comment, it might work a little too well!

Let me show you how a Kiwi dad does it

Who doesn’t love the laid-back stylings of How to Dad? He makes it all seem so easy. To make me feel better about my own parenting, I really need to know that there were at least 50 failed takes on each and every one of these scenes!

The French massage method

What’s better than a Thai massage? A facial massage from a French lady who gets baby off to sleep with minimal effort. Me next please!

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Let’s face it, this dad is spending the night in the crib!

Try, try, and try again

If at first you don’t succeed, try something else …

If all else fails …

Just accept that neither of you are getting much sleep for a while!

How do you get your baby off to sleep? Tell us below.

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