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You probably already know Little Kiwi, the cutest little Kiwi character in the stories written by best-selling author Bob Darroch. 

The first of the popular Little Kiwi series of books Little Kiwi is Scared of the Dark was published in 2001 and there’s been a fair few published since. The ones that come to mind for me are Little Kiwi Looks After The Egg and Little Kiwi the Cool Mama. Our Book of the Month for March 2021 is the latest addition to the series, Little Kiwi and the Goodnight Sing-Song.

little kiwi goodnight song

Little Kiwi is wanting to take a nap, but there seems to be one or two or three pesky noises and numerous reasons getting in the way! How annoying! First pesky challenge – Little Sister! Who would have thought?! Little Sister and her friend are having a sing-song. We might think it’s caaaaute but Little Kiwi is tired and needs a quiet place to sleep! So off he goes and we follow Little Kiwi on his hunt to find a quiet space for his snooze. He finds many places that seem like the perfect spot, but of course they’re not! Birds, bugs, noises and smells, we meet a number of creatures and critters before Little Kiwi finally finds himself … back in his burrow.

Little Kiwi Goodnight Song

Little Kiwi and the Goodnight Sing-Song is like a lullaby before bed. The lift-the-flap story for Little Kiwi fans is written and illustrated as sweet and cute as always. The kiddies will enjoy discovering what’s underneath each flap as Little Kiwi makes his way to bed – a tale we can all relate to! Night, night.

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