Natural Birth


A natural birth means a vaginal delivery without drugs or medical interventions such as an epidural, pethidine or a caesarian. For many women, though, without proper emotional support during the labour and birth experience, having a natural birth can seem overwhelming and frightening.

A good relationship with a midwife, or even a doula , helps a natural birth succeed for the birthing mother. Many women believe that with the right encouragement and confidence, labour and birth can be a less painful experience.

If you have plans to experience a natural birth and hope to avoid drugs and certain procedures, such as an episiotomy , make sure you prepare a birth plan, copy it for your partner or other support people and also ensure that your midwife is aware of your birth wishes. A good midwife will work hard to help you achieve what you want, but remember that you also need to be reasonably flexible and prepared to change your plans as required.

If having a natural birth is putting you or your baby at risk, accept that you need to follow your midwife or doctor’s instructions to minimise the risks. Try not to feel disappointed that your baby’s birth did not go exactly according to plan. The way in which your baby enters your life will never be as important as your love for him or her.


This article was written by Claire Halliday for Kidspot NZ.

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