Overdue Babies

Baby’s that are born overdue often show the following signs:

  • Red, dry peeling skin that is noticeable at birth. (It is normal for many babies who are born on time to have dry peeling skin a few days after the birth). Sometimes green ‘meconium stained’ skin, due to the increased likelihood of the baby opening their bowels during the labour. There is often little, to no, amniotic fluid draining during the labour, or to dilute the meconium if it has been passed by the baby before the birth, which is thick and sticky. There is usually no sign of vernix cream left on the baby’s skin, little excess hair on their skin and dry, peeling fingernails.

As compared to a premature baby:

  • Who may have, paler, pinker, supple skin that is not dry and peeling at birth. Plenty of amniotic fluid draining during the labour. The baby is normally covered in thick, white, greasy vernix cream and they often have a ‘down’ of excess hair still present on their bodies, especially on their backs, also short fingernails.

As compared to a baby that is ‘due’:

  • Who may have pink skin, that is supple and not peeling at birth, but may be dry a few days after the birth. Small amounts of white greasy vernix cream still present in the creases of the baby’s body, i.e. their armpits, neck and groin areas. Little to no excess hair present on their body and long ‘manicured’ looking fingernails.

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