Reindeer antlers

Let your kids play dress ups this Christmas and help them make some reindeer antlers. Paint them a red nose with face paint and you'll have some happy little Rudolphs!

You'll need:

  • Crepe paper in brown or grey and beige torn into little pieces and scrunched into balls. (Older kids can do this as they go)
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft glue
  • Headband
  • Ears and antlers cut from cardboard a couple of millimetres thick it should not bend too easily but not be difficult to cut through. (Draw an ear and antler on the cardboard or copy one from the internet and cut out, leaving an extra long tab at the end where you'll wrap it around the headband. Cut around the first piece so you have two that are equal.)
  • Stapler

Step one

Face out the antlers so they're the right way up. Have your child glue the front of them.

Step two

Stick the beige-coloured crepe paper on the antlers and the grey/brown on the ears. Leave to dry.

Step three

Wrap the long tab of an antler around the headband and staple onto itself at the back to secure. Continue with the second side-by-side and place the ears on the outside of the antlers. You might need a couple of staples to hold in place. The tighter you make it around the headband, the better you'll avoid the cardboard flopping this way.

Step four

Place on child's head and use face paint to draw on a red nose!


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