Create Your Own Rustic Christmas ‘Joy’ Sign

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Bring some joy into your home with this rustic Christmas sign. Upcycle an old bit of wood – this one uses an old pallet – for that extra special feel.

Beach-inspired Christmas decorations

The base colour on this rustic ‘Joy’ sign is Resene Lonestar but you could use one of the Resene tonal blues from this beautiful Christmas theme.

Coastal Christmas Theme

You will need…

  • Resene FX Crackle effect – this causes the topcoat to shrink and crack, giving an aged look
  • Resene testpots in your choice of colours; Fleur used Resene Double Blanc and Resene Lonestar
  • Board – this is salvaged pine from an old pallet (45cm tall x 14cm at widest point).
  • Sandpaper, medium grit, paint brush, small piece of sponge
  • Printout of the word Joy
  • Sellotape

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1

Step 1

Prepare your board by sanding off any rough areas with medium grit sandpaper. Paint a light colour of your choice over your board (Fleur used Resene Double Blanc. For a more rustic look don’t go right to the edges, allowing some of the weathered timber to show.

Step two

Step 2

Once the paint has dried, paint on Resene FX Crackle effect over the painted area. Leave to dry for two hours.

Step three

Step 3

Cut out your Joy letters and use loops of sellotape to stick them to your board. Make sure the letters are evenly spaced and straight. Using a small piece of foam sponge, dab your chosen top colour over the letters, making sure to cover all the pale paint under it.

Step 4 - Rustic Christmas ‘Joy’ Sign

Step 4

Carefully remove the letters while the paint is still wet. If you want to give your finished piece a more aged and distressed look, lightly sand it all over with a medium grit sandpaper.

Step 5 - Rustic Christmas ‘Joy’ Sign

Step 5

For a multicolour effect to suit your seasonal theme, use 2-3 Resene testpot colours sponged over your base colour. Make sure your letters contrast well with the colours you are sponging on.

For more projects and colour inspiration visit Styling and images by Fleur Thorpe, 2018.

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