Egg carton treasure box

If you have empty egg cartons lying around the house, pull them out and get crafting with this great activity. The kids will love decorating their own treasure box to keep their prized possessions in.

What you need:

  • egg carton
  • paint
  • glitter glue
  • sequins
  • coloured paper or tissue paper

Number of players:


Place the egg carton on a protected surface and paint it many bright colours with a variety of paints, paintbrushes and glitter glues.

If desired stick sequins or paper onto it – the treasure box can be collaged, painted or a combination of the two.

Once dry, your child has a personalised treasure box that they can place their treasures and trinkets in.


Kids can use the trinket box for any number of things, including jewellery, bead collections or even eraser collctions. Decorate the box according to the collection. So, if you are keeping the beads in there, add a few to the top for decoration.

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