Colour Your Winter Garden With Nifty Tricks & Artisan Décor

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Winter is often a time when the more colourful blooms of the garden go into hiding until spring. These outdoor garden ideas are just the thing to help you embrace your winter garden and sprinkle some joy over those dreary days.

We’ve got easy DIY ideas that are sure to chase the dark clouds away.

Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax with Resene

Pull up a chair and paint it yellow. Yellow is a high-energy colour that is proven to improve your mood and is associated with laughter and sunshine.

This garden bench project by Kerryn Dunshea has been painted in Resene Afterglow. Painting your garden bench will give you a fun place to sit and watch the pale evening sunset or create a bright sculpture-like point of interest in your garden.

Placing the bench under a wide eave or leafy evergreen tree will give you outdoor seating for all seasons. You could even paint your wall in Blackboard Paint or Coloured Chalkboard Paint and write fun messages for your family and guests.

Up the garden path

Up the garden path with Resene

Use seasonal materials to bring some vibrancy to your front porch.

Painting pinecones in a range of Resene testpots, such as Resene PoppyResene Paris Daisy and Resene Rose Bud will lift your spirits as you walk through the door.

Attach the pinecones to lengths of bamboo or green garden stakes and place them in a flowerpot. If you’re after some real floral colour, there are a range of winter flowers to keep your garden looking cheerful. Camellias are at their peak blooming time in July and pansies are the perfect feel-good flower and are also easy to grow in the cooler months.

Feed the birds

Feed the birds with Resene

Look out for your feathered friends during the colder months with this frame-turned-bird feeder.

You can upcycle an old frame into a colourful addition to your garden quickly and easily. All you need is an old frame, Resene Quick Dry primer and a Resene testpot colour of your choice. You can also colour match the frame to your winter flowers.

Try pairing Resene Daisy Bush with your purple violas or Resene West Side with your winter citrus trees.

Click here to learn more about how to make your own bird feeder frame.

Mend your fences

Mend your fences with Resene

Spruce up your fence line with an easy colour splash or mural. Designer Tina Stephens of Roomie Interior Design used various testpots to create this pohutukawa mural on a fence. You can read more about her projects here .

To retain that warm wooden feel, paint your mural directly onto the fence. If you’re after a more uniform look, alternate solid colours on the panels of your fence. For inspiration, check out Kelly Southee’s colourful fence project here.

Give it both barrels

Give it both barrels with Resene

When it rains, it pours, so it’s best to be prepared. A rain-barrel or tank connected to a downpipe diverter is a simple way of collecting rain from the roof to use on the garden, outdoors, or for your indoor plants. This simple rain barrel is colourful and effective, adding a pop of colour to your garden using easy-to-get concrete blocks.

Learn how to make this rain barrel here.

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