Make a festive cracker

Make a festive cracker

You can make your own homemade crackers with this easy printable template. Stuff your festive crackers with anything you want. 

What you need:

Number of players:



Print the festive cracker template onto coloured craft paper or card. The thicker the better, but make sure it is not too thick for your printer.  I used scrapbooking paper from the local craft shop and cut it to A4 size to go through the printer. 

Once you have it printed out, just cut along the unbroken lines. 

Now fold along all the broken lines. 

It should roll up into a bonbon/cracker shape. 

Glue it together with two segments overlapped. 

Now tie off one end with string and before you tie off the other end, stuff it with treats: lollies, pom poms, confetti, whatever takes your fancy. 

Tie off the final end with string. Place one per guest on your party table. 

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