Playdough Pictionary

Playdough is the ideal way to engage children who otherwise don’t like sitting still: it is hands-on and it bends to their will giving instant gratification.  This playdough Pictionary game is great for older children or children who like to be challenged.

What you need:

  • A large lump of playdough
  • Paper, pen and scissors
  • A large bowl
  • Large table
  • Egg-timer or stop watch

Number of players:


The aim of the game is to guess the word.  Traditional Pictionary involves drawing the word. In this version of the game, the word will be modelled in playdough.

Clearly write about 25 simple words onto a piece of paper. Write them so that they can be cut out individually.

Cut out each word so that it’s on its own strip of paper, fold and put each word into the bowl.

Divide the group into teams. Decide who will begin. That team must choose a ‘modeller’ and the rest of the team will be ‘guessers.’

The modeller chooses a word from the bowl. The guessers are not allowed to see the word.  The modeller then  attempts to model clues or the word itself out of playdough so that the team can guess what the word is. They have 60 seconds.

Each time they guess the word within the 60 seconds, they get a point. If they can’t get it within the allotted time, their turn is up and the next team has a turn.

When all the words are used up, the team with the most points wins.



  • The modellers cannot speak, make nosies use actions or anything else. They must only use the playdough.
  • For young children, to save frustration and tears, stick to nouns: dog, cat, table, chair etc.
  • You can put any number of words into the bowl (depending on how long you want the game to last) but an odd number is ideal as it ensures there will be a clear winner at the end.

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