Playdough hedgehog

Playdough is the ideal activity for children: it is colourful and it bends to their will. They can literally make anything that comes to mind, usually starting with snakes and monsters.  Why not try other sorts of creations too like this hedgehog?

What you need:

  • A large lump of playdough
  • Some matchsticks or toothpicks
  • 2 x pebbles or sultanas

Number of players:


Form a small lump of playdough into an egg shape. Lay it lengthways and flatten it on the bottom by banging it on a table or hard surface.

Use matchsticks or toothpicks to add spikes.

Add two pebbles or sultanas for eyes.



  • You could also make a spider from this playdough shape by using bendy pipe cleaner legs, or a bird using real feathers for wings.

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