Is your baby getting enough breastmilk

1. An active, alert baby

A well-nourished baby will have plenty of energy when awake. He will move about and let you know when he’s hungry. If you find your baby is not content or doesn’t sleep well, that doesn’t mean they are not well-nourished, so try to elimate other reasons for fussing and crying before you go worrying yourself.

2. Weight gain

An overall pattern of healthy growth is what’s important. He should have a nice layer of body fat and gain a little weight each week – this won’t always be the same amount as it can change with milk in his belly, urine in his bladder or waste in his bowel at weighing time.

3. Your baby has wet nappies

What comes out had to first go in. At least six or more wet nappies in a 24-hour period indicates your baby is receiving sufficient fluids. If he is exclusively breastfed or receiving milk you express each day and no fluids from other sources then you can feel confident your milk supply is fine.

REMEMBER: Just because you your baby might not fit into one of the above categories, doesn’t automatically mean he isnt’ getting enough milk. It just means you need to investigate further. Have your baby seen by a medical doctor to assess the possibility of a physical problem, and if necessary seek guidance from a lactation consultant to ensure the successful continuation of breastfeeding.


Signs your baby is getting enough breastmilk

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