Kids Book – Mallory, Mallory: Trick or Treat by James Norcliffe

From the magical pen of James Norcliffe, and with fantastical illustrations by Emily Walker, comes Mallory, Mallory: Trick or Treat – a spooky tale of time travel, intrigue, and people getting their (un)just desserts.

Mallory wants candy – as much as she can grab – and she’s prepared to play some tricks (and kick a pesky black cat) to get it. But when she and her reluctant sidekick Arthur tangle with the owner of a spooky old house, the trick is on them. In the beat of a bat’s wing, they’re a century back in time with a mission to find that slippery cat, or Mallory will change shape forever …

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Book review by Ella & Katie

Ella (8) and I have started reading “Mallory Mallory: Trick or Treat”. This is the first book we have read by James Norcliffe, and so far, we are really enjoying it.

The story is about Mallory and Arthur, who go trick or treating late on Halloween. Mallory, who is bit of a bully, is not happy because they aren’t being given any candy and is playing tricks on all the houses they are visiting.

Arthur who is a wimp (according to Mallory) is not happy and wants to go home but Mallory managed to persuade Arthur to go to one more house. The last house they visit looks a bit odd and scary. An old man answers the door and he threatens to play a trick on Mallory and Arthur. I think he is trying to teach Mallory a lesson about manners.

The old man plays a trick on Mallory and Arthur – they are transported back in time. If Mallory and Arthur want to go home they have to complete a task for the old man, one which seems simple but is not. Is the old man still playing a trick on them?

This story follows the adventures of Mallory and Arthur trying to get back home again. This is the second book in the “Mallory Mallory” series, but you don’t need to have read the first to enjoy this book.

After we have finished this book, we will be going out to get the first story to read as my daughter Katie has really enjoyed Mallory Mallory: Trick or Treat – in particular the time travel aspect of the story.

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