First aid courses in NZ

St John’s Ambulance

Caring for Kids

This course is designed to meet the first aid needs of parents, grandparents, carers in the childcare industry and members of the public who may be entrusted with the care of babies and children. This qualification remains current for two years, during which time a recertification course must be completed.

In addition, St John Ambulance offers more specific programs to meet the needs of specific groups in the community.

The Penguin Program is designed for kids aged 6-8 years and run by St Johns. Penguins meet once a week during the school term at their local division and follow a course of nine badges. The program stimulates the interest of children in a wide variety of activities, including basic First Aid.

New Zealand Red Cross

Red Cross First Aid, Health and Safety Services offer a number of first aid courses, for a variety of purposes including Caring for Children, Basic First Aid for Child Care, Babysitting courses and Basic First Aid.

Family First Aid

Family First Aid is a privately run company who run a variety of courses including FamilyCare First Aid , primarily in the Auckland area.

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