Pregnancy beauty regime

Even if you have days where you feel far from glowing (actually caused by increased blood flow in your body), our simple beauty tips can help you look your best.

During pregnancy, what goes into your body and on your skin is important for both you and your developing baby.


Your pregnancy may change your skin type – sending oily skin or hair, dry, and switching dry skin and hair to greasy – so be prepared to reassess your products and replace to suit your needs at this time. Try to avoid chemical-laced skin creams and hair products, and go organic for truly safe pampering.

Keep your makeup simple – time will only be harder to come by when you are a mother so time-saving habits are worth exploring. Try a concealer to even out blotchy skin, a sweep of bronzer or skin-toned blush across the whole face and finish with your favourite mascara and tinted lip-gloss.


Going grey and don’t want to give up your colourful coverage? While experts now believe that the chemicals used in hair colouring will not cause harm to your developing baby, there are safer alternatives. Many hair salons these days promote the use of chemical-free products – everything from shampoos and conditioners to colours and gels. Good for baby and good for you too.

Stretch marks

The most common skin-related complaint during pregnancy is stretch marks. They can appear on your belly, breasts, upper arms, thighs and bottom and usually begin in the second trimester.

While heredity does seem to be an influence, the best way to minimise the appearance is daily application of a rich moisturiser. Skin that is supple is more elastic and will help the stretch marks – caused by the stretching of your skin as your body changes shape and weight – to maintain a soft smoothness.

Pure cocoa butter or sorbalene is a great product that is rich for dry skin and safe for your growing baby.


One of the best ways to look good is to be fit, healthy and as well rested as possible. Pregnancy puts extra demands on your body and, without the right healthy diet and a sensible exercise regime, your skin and hair can suffer.

Aim for eight hours sleep each night and try to have little bursts of ‘me’ time where possible throughout the day. Even ten minutes with a favourite tv show or book and a cup of herbal tea can do wonders for relaxation and a bit of rejuvenation.

Keep well hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Aiming for at least four exercise sessions each week will help your energy levels too.

During pregnancy your sense of smell is much more sensitive so keep scents light and fresh.

If all else fails, simply enjoy your pregnancy and let your glowing beauty shine from within (just don’t tell them it’s because of the blood flow).


This article was written by Claire Halliday for Kidspot NZ.

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