Raspberry layer cake

This absolutely divine Raspberry layer cake isn’t just clear of all refined sugars, its creamy texture and raspberry infused outer layer ensure this cake is super colourful and tasty too.

Mini s’mores cups

Chocolate, marshmallows, and biscuit – there’s not a lot to hate about a s’more, they’re made from everyone’s favourite sweet treats! Now even more convenient to dig into, we’ve created these super delicious, completely sugar-free mini s’mores cups.

Vegan Afghan cookies

A traditional New Zealand biscuit, these Afghan cookies are pure chocolatey goodness. Usually laden with refined sugars, we’ve taken that all out, making this the healthiest Afghan cookie you’ll ever eat. They’re vegan and super easy to put together with just 5 ingredients.

Peanut butter chocolate bar

Combining peanut butter and chocolate into one treat is one of, if not the most, delicious food combinations out. We’ve put these two flavours together into a super delicious, sugar-free, peanut butter chocolate bar. It's the perfect lunch box snack and can be stored in the refrigerator throughout the week to enjoy.

Homemade Tim Tams

Who knew cutting out refined sugars was THIS delicious! With a sweet chocolate filling sandwiched between two crunchy chocolate biscuits and then coated in even MORE chocolate, this one just screams “EAT ME”.