Best balloon games for kids

Best balloon games for kids



The humble party balloon is a cheap and cheerful way to keep the kids occupied for hours. A couple of dollars and a few puffs of breath are all that stand between you and a whole weekend of kid-friendly activities. Balloon games are totally addictive and great for imaginative play.

Here are some of our favourite balloon-tastic tricks to try at home:

Balloon game # 1 – Volley balloon

When it’s cold and wet outside and the kids are feeling low, volley balloon will ensure they get their dose of fun along with some good old-fashioned exercise – all without having to go outdoors. Switch off the telly and push the sofa aside, then blow up some balloons and let the games begin!

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Balloon game # 2 – Balloon stomp

All kids love surprises so, when they need a bit of extra spoiling, try surprising them with a game of balloon stomp. Fill pre-blown balloons with lolly treats, or small toys if you prefer, and watch your kids’ faces light up as they do everything in their power to pop the balloons and recover the hidden treasure. A fabulously fun game to play at birthday parties, too.

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Balloon game # 3 – Balloon- back to back

This is a fun game you can play at home on a wet day or outside to keep the kids busy if it is a birthday party or you have a group of kids put them into teams and then see if they can pop their balloon back to back

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Balloon game # 4 – Balloon ghosts

Craft-loving kids will love the creativity that comes with making a balloon ghost. It’s the perfect decoration for any bedroom and a great activity for the kids come Halloween. And remember, balloon ghosts don’t have to be scary; making a friendly balloon ghost is just as much fun!

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Balloon game # 5 – Balloon fizz inflator

Now for a party trick that will amaze everyone who sees it! A balloon fizz inflator is another way to show kids how easy it is to have fun and learn about science, all at the same time. This experiment takes balloon fun to new heights and will raise excitement levels at your place in a few easy steps.

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