This fun party game has been around for years and can be enjoyed equally by children and adults. This is a game that will bring laughter and maybe some tears as you try to limbo lower and lower!

Animal farm game

A great party game for kids of all ages. Find your animal mate in this fun kids party game. There will be laughter all round as the sounds of moo-ing and oinking fills the air and everyone races to find their partners!


Magpies is a fun party game that kids of all ages will be able to enjoy. A twist on that old party favourite, the scavenger hunt, your party guests will be kept busy for the whole party looking out for small things to collect.

Elastics Jingles For Kids

Remember playing elastics when you were a kid? With just a long piece of elastic and a couple of pairs of willing ankles, elastics was the ultimate game of fun. Even better were the great jingles you sang as you jumped! Such a great retro party game to keep the kids entertained.

Jurassic dig

This is a really fun outdoor activity for the budding palaeontologist in any family. This Jurassic dig can also be played as a treasure hunt where your kids have to find all the various parts of the dinosaur and assemble it to solve the identity of the Jurassic fossils.

Gift wrap relay race

Who doesn't love gifts and what kids don't get excited by the idea of a relay race to get those gifts? Gift wrap relay combines two of the most fun Christmas activities into one crazy, fun activity for all ages.

Buzz-bomb balloon

Buzz bomb balloon is a fun birthday party game to keep kids active and entertained as they practice bombing a target with their balloons. Fill the house with colourful balloons and watch the wonder and joy in the faces of your children as they play.

Magic toothpick

Even the most timid children can be drawn out of their shell by learning to perform magic tricks.  This magic toothpick trick will amaze even the sceptics in the family.

Binocular balance game

Challenge all the children to see the world in a new way, from the wrong end of a pair of binoculars! The binocular balance game will have the sound of laughter and delight coming from your party in no time as the little ones play. 

Jump rope jingles for kids

For those of us who grew up with a skipping rope in hand and a ready jingle to jump to, we're very familiar with the fun that can be had with just a line of rope and a few kids! Simple and fun, these skipping party games will keep the kids well entertained!

The splash game

The kids will have a blast playing the splash game, but make sure everyone is dressed down for the event as they may just get soaked. This is a great kids party game or fun outdoor activity for kids of all ages.

Grand chain

A fun game that will have the children laughing, as they try to balance holding the balloon between their knees and hold hands with their partner. Who will make it to the end of the game?!

Sensory play smell game

Test their powers of smell with the Sensory play smell game. Its a great game to play in the car or as a teaser kids party game to get their minds active and engaged. Its also totally fun to play, so create a game with your family today!

Apple bobbing

A classic game that children will love as they try and catch the apple with their mouths. Once they master it, they wont want to stop playing

Water balloon pinata

This is a fun summery twist on the standard pinata game (and it doesn't involve sugar!). Load up some balloons, tie them up to make a water balloon pinata and you've got yourself a seriously fun party game.