Magic toothpick

Magic toothpick

Even the most timid children can be drawn out of their shell by learning to perform magic tricks.  This magic toothpick trick will amaze even the sceptics in the family.

What you need:

  • A small piece of Blu-tack
  • A toothpick

Number of players:



Place a small piece of Blu-tack on to your thumbnail.

Stick the toothpick to the Blu-tack, so that it runs down the length of your thumb and can't be seen from the front.

Bend your thumb down and curl your hand around the end of the toothpick -where the Blu-tack is – to conceal the fact that it is stuck there with the Blu-tack. The toothpick should now be visible, sticking up out of your balled up fist.

The trick:

Show your audience the toothpick, sticking up out of your fist.

Say 'abracadabra'.

As you say the magic word, pop your thumb up out of your fist, hold it straight so that the toothpick can't be seen stuck to the back of it. If you do it really quickly it will seem as though the toothpick has simply disappeared.

Tips and hints:

  • Practice makes perfect. Practise your trick over and over in your room before you unleash it on family and friends.

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