How to do the SpongeBob SquarePants dance

How to do the SpongeBob SquarePants dance

To get your kids off the couch, how about encouraging them to learn some dance moves? ‘The SpongeBob’ is a worldwide craze that has young kids and older kids moving their bodies and shaking out their silllies. Watch our ‘How to SpongeBob’ video below for the best explanation.

What you need:

  • Some space
  • Chalk (if you want to mark up the steps on the ground outside)

Number of players:



The easiest way to teach your kids ‘The Spongebob’ is by marking the steps on the floor. You can either use cards taped to the floor inside or chalk it up outside on a paved area.

You should mark out three spots: centre, left and right. They should be close enough to match your child’s stride and far enough apart that they have to jump to get to them.

Get them to start with their feet on the left and right marks. Start with a small jump in the air, land with your left foot on the left mark. At the same time extend your right foot out (up off the ground.)

Now hop your left foot to the centre mark and at the same time hook your right leg behind your left.

Jump out and place your right foot on the right mark, extending your left leg out. Bring your right foot into the centre mark and hook your left leg behind it simultaneously.

Repeat until exhausted (or until you’ve pulled a hammy!)

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