Gift wrap relay race

Gift wrap relay race

Who doesn't love gifts and what kids don't get excited by the idea of a relay race to get those gifts? Gift wrap relay combines two of the most fun Christmas activities into one crazy, fun activity for all ages.

What you need:

  • empty boxes
  • gift wrap
  • pictures of Santa, Rudolph or a Christmas tree

Number of players:


Cut up the Christmas pictures and hide one piece in each box. For example, if you have five boxes, you would cut the picture up into five pieces and place one piece in each box.

Wrap your boxes.

Divide the kids into two or more teams depending on how many want to play.

Put the pile of wrapped boxes on a table at the other end of the room or garden.

The first player in each team runs to the table, unwraps a present, grabs his picture piece and sprints back to his next teammate.

The rest of the team has a turn until all the pieces of the picture have been unwrapped.

The teams then need to race to assemble and correctly identify their picture.

The first team to do this wins!

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