Jurassic dig

Jurassic dig

This is a really fun outdoor activity for the budding palaeontologist in any family. This Jurassic dig can also be played as a treasure hunt where your kids have to find all the various parts of the dinosaur and assemble it to solve the identity of the Jurassic fossils.

What you need:

  • model kit for any dinosaur (or if your kids have a plastic model, dismantle it into various sections)
  • pen

Number of players:


Find a spot in the backyard where you can either dig up the dirt or dump sand.

Write a number on small pieces of paper and tape a number to each different part of the dinosaur

Bury the pieces of the model dinosaur in different locations.

Let the kids loose and watch as they dig for dinosaur bones.

Once all the pieces or “bones” have been uncovered, use the numbers you attached to them to ensure all pieces have been found.

Assemble your discovery to find out what dinosaur you have uncovered!

Kids can enjoy this as a party game or learning game.

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