Kids love to dance like crazy but when the music stops they have to freeze into statues! There will be plenty of smiling children playing this classic kids birthday party game.

Hose limbo

Beat the heat and get the kids active and laughing with this fun kids party game. Grab the hose and challenge the family to play Hose Limbo and see who comes out the winner!

Story time

Looking for a wind-down activity after all the busy party games at your next birthday party? Try an old-dashioned story time with a favourite book .

Postman’s holiday

This is a fun game to play at any birthday party! The kids will love running up and down playing postman and enjoy seeing who can post letters the fastest. Be careful though, it can get pretty fast paced.

Farmer in the dell

Farmer in the dell is a classic sing-along kids birthday party game that will have your children wanting to play again and again. Get your kids moving to the music and enjoy this timeless party classic today!

Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel is an exciting and fun kids birthday party game that can be played indoors or outdoors. Grab a treat and wrap it tight over and over and watch the delight on the children's faces as they eventually discover the secret contents.

Coffee pot

Get your kids minds' active with this fun guessing game that's a challenging word game for the little ones. A little like Who Am I?  and a little like Charades, the kids will have a ball playing, so when you are looking for a fun activity for your next gathering or party, Coffee Pot is for you.

Sleeping lions

Sleeping lions is a great birthday party game and kids activity to help them wind down after an exciting day. Definitely a favourite end-of-day party activity essential!

Chair hurdles

This is a high-energy party game that children will enjoy as they try to quickly climb hurdles so that they dont get caught out when the music stops.

Hit the door

Hit the door is just like hide and seek and is an exciting party game to be played indoors or outdoors. Kids of all ages will enjoy hiding, spying and chasing with their friends.

Ping pong ball race

Perfect for a day out at the beach or a lazy day in the park, the ping pong ball race will keep your family entertained and active as they have fun. This party game and kids' activity is great especially as the kids can play on their own while you watch from a comfy seat nearby.

Balloon bop

Balloon bop is a fun party game and kids activity that will enthral your children with the wonder of balloons. If you need to keep your kids busy for hours on a rainy day this is a great indoor weather boredom buster.

Lolly relay

You dont have to have a sweet tooth to love a lolly relay. A favourite birthday party game and kids activity. Just add kids, lollies and a pair of mittens together and the result is a fantastically fun kids activity for all.

What’s in the bag?

Need some ideas to entertain the kids? What's in the bag? is a great game to play on a rainy day or even at the kids birthday parties! You can make it suitable for whatever age group you are entertaining, which is one of the reasons this game is a perfect game for any time of year!