Animal farm game

Animal farm game

A great party game for kids of all ages. Find your animal mate in this fun kids party game. There will be laughter all round as the sounds of moo-ing and oinking fills the air and everyone races to find their partners!

What you need:

  • list of animals

Number of players:


Choose one person to be the farmer – this should be either an older child or an adult.

The farmer's job is to assign two players for each animal on the list. So, pick two pigs, two cows etc.

The farmer then whispers to each player what their animal's identity is. Each player must not reveal what their animal is.

When the farmer starts the game, the players must call out for their "mate" by making the sound of their animal: for example, a cow will moo, a dog will bark.

Once a player hears their "mate", they must join together and sit down.

The first animal mates to find each other and sit are the winners.


  • If there is an odd number of children, make 1 group of three and tell the kids there are three of one animal.

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