Family charades

Turn an old game into something new and exciting for the kids. Grab the paper and the pens and get creative. Have a family fun night, play at a party or just for fun with your siblings. The game of charades never gets old.

What you need:

  • a coin for flipping
  • some slips of paper
  • a pencil or pen
  • a watch or stopwatch

Number of players:


  • Divide everyone into two teams.
  • When younger children are playing, it can help to pair an adult with the littlest members.
  • Pick one team to go first by flipping a coin (to make it fair).
  • The team who is not picked first then comes up with a secret word or name for the other team to guess.
  • Favourite characters, movies or songs are best for younger players (and they have more fun acting them out, e.g. Bob the Builder or Hannah Montana).
  • The secret word is then written on a slip of paper.
  • The piece of paper is then shown to one member of the other team.
  • This member is the ‘actor’.
  • The rest of the team are the ‘guessers’ – but cannot be shown the secret word or name.
  • Start the stopwatch, and wait for the rowdiness to begin!
  • The actor will act out (almost miming) what is written on the piece of paper.
  • They cannot say a word while doing so.
  • They can act out, mimic, dance, even point – but they cannot speak or spell out with their hands the phrase.
  • The group of guessers can yell out their answers.
  • Your younger kids will have particular fun doing so!
  • They will quickly learn to listen to all the guesses, and modify their answers from them.
  • The actor can nod yes or no if they get one of the words right.
  • Let them keep going until someone guesses it, or for about a minute.
  • Once the whole phrase is guessed, that round is won.
  • Or if the stopwatch ran out – the team lost that round.
  • The teams switch, so the other team has a chance to act or guess, and the team that went first gets to pick the secret word or phrase.
  • Whoever guesses the correct answer is the next actor when it’s their teams turn.
  • Make sure you keep a tally of which team guesses the most correct answers, and announce the winners at the end.


  • A great game for parties.
  • This game is not limited by a bigger group of players – in fact it’s more exciting and fun that way!
  • Older kids will enjoy conventions of this game – syllables, ‘sounds like’, rolling through the alphabet.
  • Brace yourself. This is not a quiet game – younger children in particular will love yelling answers as loud as they can. But you will have just as much fun watching as they will playing.

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