When you need to keep the kids indoors, movies and books are the easiest form of entertainment. We’ve compiled some lists of our favourite films that we think your kids will love too, as well as tips for encouraging a love of books.

Mind that child

Mind That Child by Dr Simon Rowley

During our lives we are privileged to occasionally come across a real, genuine hero. Not a celebrity with a big entourage or a sports star with an even bigger ego - we're talking about real
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blaze and monster machines

Blaze Light Riders on DVD

When all the lights in Axle City go dark, Blaze needs your help using energy and lasers to light up ...
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peppa pig

Peppa Pig – Gerald Giraffe on DVD

It's everybody's favourite pig - Peppa Pig and her family and friends including Gerald Giraffe with a newly released DVD ...
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Oat the Goat

Oat the Goat: the digital story against bullying

Oat the Goat is a new online story aiming to help children learn the power of kindness, providing parents with ...
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Avengers: Infinity War movie review - Spoiler free!

Avengers: Infinity War movie review – Spoiler free!

A movie with a decade of cinematic storytelling and fandom behind it - it feels like the last episode of ...
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A wrinkle in time

A Wrinkle in Time at the cinema

A visually dazzling film sending your kids into the universe and home again with a few lessons under the belt ...
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Must-see family movies of 2018

Get a sneak peek at the best family movies coming up in 2018 and plan your cinema must-sees ...
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ABs book

A to Z with the AB’s

Make learning the ABCs a whole lot more fun for rugby mad kids with the new book, A to Z ...
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Kids books

5 of the best kids books by Kiwis, plus one extra!

Read reviews for 5 of the best kids books by Kiwis, plus a new adventure! ...
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pirate movies

The best pirate movies for kids

The top ten best pirate movies for kids. Pirate movies for kids make great viewing for the whole family - ...
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movies for animal lovers

Must-see movies for animal lovers

When it’s done right, a good animal movie is hard to beat . The best ones are those which give ...
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The rules of reading aloud to kids

Children's author Mem Fox shares her "10 commandments" for reading aloud with your child, to encourage healthy reading development and ...
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