Ideas for a pink party

A pink party is perfect for many ages and stages from a first birthday up to teens (or even gender reveals!). It is particularly popular with three-year-old girls.


Of course you need to start with a pink invitation – anything to suit the age of the birthday girl as long as it is very pink and pretty. Buy a ready made invitation or make your own. Don’t forget to ask guests to come dressed in pink (or at least wear one thing pink).

Decorations for your pink party

  • The table must be covered in pink – plates cups, napkins, cloth and runners. To make the table and decorations interesting include a variety of shades of pink and some patterns such as polka dots and stripes in runners, napkins and other decorations.
  • Use lots of balloons in all the shades of pink and add something interesting such as pink bunting, feather boas or lots of pink tulle.
  • If your party girl already loves pink you will find you have lots of it around the house already, so make use of it to decorate the party.

Games to play at your pink party

  • Have a pink fashion parade.
  • Play pass the (pink) parcel – wrap everything in pink and include novelties and lollies only in pink.
  • Find pink items of treasure in the garden.
  • Play a guessing game asking guests to name as many pink items as they can.
  • Use hairspray and give the guests pink hair.
  • Paint finger and toenails with pink nail varnish.
  • Make loads of pink icing and invite the guests to decorate their own cakes and cookies.

Pink party food

  • Ice cupcakes with pink icing and top them with pink fairy floss.
  • Fill jugs or mini milk bottles with pink milk or raspberry flavoured fizzy drink.
  • Make pink jelly and decorate with pink lollies.
  • Ice store bought plain biscuits with pink icing and sprinkle with coconut.
  • Fill giant glass bowls or vases with pink and white lollies such as marshmallows, milk bottles and mini musks.
  • Make mini strawberry jam sandwiches and use pink sprinkles on fairy bread.

Pink party bags

  • Take home party bags of course need to be filled with pink lollies and trinkets.
  • Decorate with personalized tags and pretty pink ribbons.
  • Alternatively find one really nice pink gift for each guests and wrap it in gorgeous pink wrap and ribbons.


  1. Bevik1971 02/05/2019 at 10:49 am

    Cool idea 🙂 My daughter turns 7 in December and I’m probably going to have to have a party of some description, we have kept it pretty low key the past few years but this year I think we will plan some a bit more special. This is a great idea and she could ask all her guests to wear pink too 🙂

  2. Shorrty4life1 01/05/2019 at 6:41 pm

    How awesome a pink themed party. I love how the food and decorations and games all coinside with the theme that’s really cool. My daughter would love something like this but maybe yellow themed as that is her favourite colour and was her Nana’s favourite colour that passed away last year that she was very close to. Would be cool to do a colour coded party it’s so much easier and not so expensive as a Disney cartoon licensed party either which is a bonus.

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