Hair care during pregnancy

Just like your skin and body, your hair can also be affected by your pregnancy. While some women report that their hair has never looked so lustrous and thick, others experience some hair loss.

People typically shed 100 hairs every day, but while you’re pregnant, the extra hormones coursing through your body can shift your hair cycle. Your hair grows or stays on your head and doesn’t shed, which is why your hair seems longer and thicker than usual. If your hair is already very thick, you might want to opt for a cut that takes some of the extra weight off. But remember that your body may make up for the shedding post-birth and some women end up with bald patches, about three to six months after the birth.

Hairdressers advise that chemical treatments – best avoided in the first trimester – can cause hair to react differently, making results from perm or relaxing solutions unpredictable.

Although the research into the effects of hair colour on an unborn baby is limited, many health professionals do recommend avoiding colour treatments in the first trimester – when your baby is going through important neurological developments.

Chemical-free Colour

If you do usually colour your hair at home, consider chemical-free alternatives and always work in a well-ventilated room, making sure to wear gloves when handling the colouring mixture.

Plenty of salons these days advertise their product ranges as chemical-free or organic, so with a little bit of research (the internet can help) find a salon close to you and give it a try. You might find you’re happy enough with the results to continue chemical-free for your post-pregnancy future.

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