Math car racing

This is a great game to help your kids with their math. Using the computer will make it so much more fun than practising on paper - they'll never want to stop!

ABC Order online game

ABC Order is a fun online game that teaches your child the order of the alphabet. Kids match up the letters in the order of the alphabet, and when they get the right sequence they're rewarded with a cute animation and the next challenge.

Fireworks spectacular

Watch as your child is amazed by colourful exploding fireworks on your computer screen. Help them to create their own fireworks with this fireworks spectacular. Check out the website today and let your child's imagination take flight.

Cookie dough

This is a great learning game teaching kids about numbers and words. They get to choose if they want to spell numbers or write the digits. The further they go, the harder it gets!

Funbrain arcade

This Website has an abundance of games for kids to play including math, reading, fun and playground games. There are a range of learning games as well as many for the kids to just have fun!

Adopt a Webkinz

This great website provides kids with months and months of fun and entertainment. It will teach them about responsibility and having fun at the same time. Online games are great learning tools for kids as they teach them keyboard skills.

Fun match

Kids love to play online games and online memory is a fun kids activity to get them involved and learning. Log on today and watch as your children learn and develop a deeper understanding of patterns, pairs and pictures.

Invisible ink memory game

If your kids like challenging online games, they'll love the Invisible ink memory game. Watch the pen sketch an image in invisibile ink, and see if your children can guess what it is. Occasionally tricky but greatly rewarding, this online game tests both recall and memory skills.

Online animal puzzles

Do your kids love doing puzzles? These online puzzles provide hours of entertainment for the kids no matter what the age as you can choose the degree of difficulty. And best of all, you no longer need to worry about losing pieces!

Pokemon fun zone

This great Website features all the Pokemon characters and will have the kids entertained for hours. Online games are great for kids as they teach them keyboard skills whilst having fun at the same time.

Barbie online games

Know a Barbie girl who would love a Barbie world? The Barbie™ online world is devoted to all things Barbie, especially online games. Your Barbie fan can give Barbie an online makeover, play games online and watch episodes of "B Friends", Barbie's weekly TV show.