Having a pool party? Then category is a great choice for a kids party game. This kids activity keeps your child guessing as they try to discover the secrets behind the category. Kids pool games have never been this fun so plan a game today.

How to make a kite

Nothing beats flying a kite – except making one with your kids! Make a kite that really flies, this fun winter art and craft activity for kids will get them out of the winter blues and keep them active!

Box car game

Spark your toddlers imagination with some make-believe. Teach them this box car game and have them drive mum or dad to the shops, the picnic and all about town with a cool car all of their very own!

Valentine’s picnic

A picnic is a great idea for Valentines Day. All you need to do is pack some of your favourite foods and maybe try something new to create a special memory with your loved ones this year. We have some traditional Valentine;s food ideas as well as a few new ones too!

Ice play: Cool jewels

There is something special about dress ups but this activity is the coolest dress up of all. Made of ice, these jewels are wearable and edible! Once these have set, have fun in the sun and watch them melt away.

Hula hooping

Active play is essential in every childs life so why not introduce them to the hula hoop! Children and adults around the world have played with hula hoops for centuries. Let your kids in on the fun now!

Build a snail farm

Get the kids outside and into the garden during the holidays and weekends with this fun kids activity. Building a snail farm is easy as you most likely already have everything you need sitting around the house. So get the kids ready for some slimy fun as you establish your farm today.

Backyard camping

Children will love to camp outside in the backyard. A fun way to play and engage with the natural world, backyard camping can lead to all sorts of imaginative games.

Hidden hearts

Hidden hearts is a lot like an Easter egg hunt and we know everyone loves those! This twist on the classic hunt game involves chocolate or paper hearts, a lot of looking and searching in the house or yard and plenty of laughs.

Fruit salad game

Games are so much fun. Kids love to play and learn different games. Being active is great for children. Fruit salad can be played as a party game, amongst friends or even at a school.

Sardines game

Children love to play outside hiding behind trees and running around. Sardines is hide and seek backwards and is a great game for kids to play.


Everyone loves to build sandcastles and whether you are at the beach or in the backyard, this kids activity will keep your little ones busy. Gather the family, grab a bucket, some sand and some water and get building an eye-catching sandcastle today.

Kick the can

A twist on the old hide and seek favourite, kick the can adds a whole new element that kids can enjoy amongst friends at a party or gathering.

Dry sand play

Sometimes the best activities are the simplest. Your child will enjoy playing in the backyard sandpit or at the beach with these ideas for dry sand play.

Frozen treats

Kids of all ages will love chasing each other in this fast-paced game of chasing that freezes and melts all players in the game! Loads of fun!