Backyard cricket

Backyard cricket is a traditional game for many families. Get the kids and the whole family involved in a game of backyard cricket and test the kids out. Learn to throw, catch and most of all, be a good sport!

River ball

This is a great game to be played by young and old and will keep everyone entertained for hours. It encourages team work and is great for hand eye coordination.

Easy outdoor tent

Making your own tent in the garden on a sunny day is the perfect way to occupy bored children. There's something magical about creating your own cubby tent out of sheets and string that beats a store-bought tent every time.

Find the magic rose

Everyone loves a treasure hunt and this fun kids Valentines day activity will have your little ones active and eager! Enjoy the laughs as the children hunt for the hidden rose. Especially because the prize for finding it is chocolate!

Grow a pizza garden

Making a pizza garden is a fun activity for the whole family to get involved in and watch as the garden grows. Kids will also love being able to make a pizza with ingredients from their pizza garden!

Bottle drop game

For a wiggly, giggly and fun game at your next kids party you can not go past the Bottle drop game! Simply grab some string, empty bottles and some small items and enjoy the laughter and delight that follows.

Keep your bottle

An all-time favourite, Keep Your Bottle is a great kids; party game and outdoor activity for the warmer months. The kids will love the chance to race and test their water-carrying balance skills, so play a game today.

Chinese ball

Chinese ball is a fast and furious game that helps children develop ball skills and hone their concentration skills. Play it on the playground, in the park in in the backyard, Chinese ball is fun no matter what the setting.

Freezing toes

Your kids will love the chance to cool off this summer and with Freezing Toes, they can have fun as they chill out too! You might want to take off your socks and enjoy the cool-down with them.

Giant marbles

Kids love playing games. Clapping and singing is always fun and keeps them happy. Communication is great for children to develop their confidence.

Beach mini golf

If your family enjoys a day out at the beach or a lazy day in the park, beach mini golf is a fantastic outdoor activity to keep your family active. Just give the kids some spades and buckets and let them build a course worthy of a championship round!

Grow a grass head

This kids; gardening project is so simple and it yields exciting results in about a week. Kids will love watching their grasshead sprout hair and keep growing. When it is really long, they can trim it like a hairdresser. Watch the video to show you how

Bubble-wrap hopscotch

What fun!!! One of our favorite things to do when we get a package is jumping and dancing on the Bubble-Wrap provided! That is half the fun of opening it! So this activity will be a sure fire winner with your kids.

Crocodile race

A fun game the kids will love! It involves running around, concentrating and lots of giggling, will keep the kids entertained as they play this game over and over again!

Rope jump

Jumping rope is a classic game that has been around forever! With this activity you can teach your kids how to jump rope no matter what age they are. They will love showing you any special tricks they have come up with.

Backyard bowling

Your kids will love getting in the backyard for a game of Backyard bowling. This is such an easy game to set up and even easier to play so get the kids outside and active today.