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Whether you’re trying to conceive, already pregnant or you’re settling into life with a new baby, our Family Planning and Infant Centre has everything you need to help you in your parenting journey.

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guide to newborn at home

The ultimate guide to your newborn’s first week at home

The first week home with your newborn baby can be a shock for new parents. Learn how to survive the early weeks with newborn babies in Kidspot's New Zealand's newborn ...
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nappy bag

Nappy Bag Checklist

Try to keep your nappy bag topped up and ready to go at all time. You don't want to get ...
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soothing newborn

Soothing a crying newborn

If you think your baby’s incessant crying is frustrating, imagine not being able to communicate what’s wrong.That's basically what a ...
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Ultinatal Breastfeeding Support from Swisse

Ultinatal Breastfeeding Support from Swisse

Are you breastfeeding and looking for to increase your breastmilk production? The new Swisse Ultinatal Breastfeeding Support is a premium ...
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sick baby

Why is my newborn vomiting?

There are many reasons why your newborn may be vomiting. Understand why your baby vomits from Kidspot New Zealand's comprehensive ...
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baby care

Understanding baby wind

Baby wind refers to the small amounts of air your baby swallows as she feeds. This air is often brought ...
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baby poo

Baby Poo: An Essential Guide For Every New Parent

New parents are obsessed with poo. Green poo, runny poo, hard poo and even explosive poo - from colour and ...
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tummy time

A Guide To Tummy Time For New Parents

Tummy time for babies is important for developing head control. Find out when to start tummy time and what to ...
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