A Kid’s Dream Backyard

Six kids from around the world drew their dream backyards, and designers brought the designs to life!

If you could build your dream backyard right now, what would be in it? Maybe a koi pond? And perhaps also a nice firepit … What about a chic outdoor living area with an irresistible hot tub? If you work from home, the ultimate shed office would definitely make the dream.

Ask a kid the same question though, and you’ll get a plethora of whacky ideas from a family of friendly racoons to play with, to a giant car racing track, to a garden maze. Kids’ imaginations are always churning with new ideas, so what would happen if we actually brought them to life?

Angie’s List asked a group of kids aged between 4 and 10 to draw their dream backyard – then got a team of grown-ups to turn their dreams into reality.

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Meet the six children that took part in this project below. To see their imaginative drawings and the fantastic designs brought to life, click on the arrows on the images.

Viola (age 10) : Ukraine

● The treehouse is as big as a house, this is an ancient oak. Leaves can turn into butterflies when I’m in the treehouse or when I dream about something. There is always comfortable and safe. There is a magic closet, when you go inside of it you can there make a wish or you can move to any place.
● The backyard is not small and not huge, what matters is it comfortable!
● I’d wanted to have a garden maze and ropeway, which leads directly to the treehouse, and a lot of flowers.
● In the morning treehouse is the place when we love with friends to have a tea party.
● At noon in the garden we love to play chess and with ball, swinging and went down a hill.
● In the evening we love to sit in the tent with friends with flashlight and tail interesting stories and tales.
● I’d like to invite to the backyard my parents and close friends.
● Also in the backyard should be beautiful hill, swing and small fountain. And often over there a rainbow.

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Dante (age 4) : Argentina

● The backyard is a huge forest. A river connects the treehouse and the family house. Dante drives a boat to go from one point to the other, catching fishes with his hands.
● There are lots of coloured balls to play soccer, basketball, tag and many other games. A family of friendly raccoons live in caves underground, and they are the guardians of the coloured balls.
● They keep the balls in the caves and bring them when Dante wants to play.
● There is also a parking space for an alien spaceship and Dante’s rocket. The alien friend visits Dante and they play races.
● You can see a tall tree in the right corner, with two treehouses on top. The first house is a robot workshop, full of pieces and tools. The other one is the place to play, eat and relax. It has the shape of a smurf head: blue walls, glass window/eyes and a white roof/hat.

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Natalia (age 6) : USA

● My dream treehouse is very very high off the ground. There is a deck with a dog bed. It has a special unicorn horn on top that lights up. The roof has Christmas tree lights on it. The front window has pink curtains, and a door with a heart. There is a bridge from a tree and you can also climb up the ladder. There is a  beautiful rainbow.
● On the inside there is butterfly table, and on the table there is a bowl of delicious food. Popsicle, french fries, tacos, corn on the cob, and zucchini casserole!
● A magical river flows under the treehouse. There is a diving board, a water slide, and mermaids live there! I’m riding my pet unicorn – her name is Lyria. There is a flower garden with butterflies.
● Birds live here – doves and toucans.
● The toucans are playing berry catch. We can swing and go down the water slide.
● How large is your dream backyard / garden? Huuuuge!
● What types of games would you play in you dream backyard / garden? Water games! We would have a diving competition, going under water, and going down the slide. Rainbow ring toss is another game!
● Who would you like to visit your dream backyard / garden? My friend Aria Ann is at the front door. The girl on the swing is Fluttershy- she can speak to animals. One of the mermaids is named Oceana.

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Rafael (age 5) : Philippines

● What does your dream treehouse look like? Describe the color, size, how high off the ground is it? Does it look like another building? There’s no treehouse but I want a playhouse instead. I want the playhouse to be as big as my grandmother’s house. The roof is violet and has a dormer window in the middle. The walls of the playhouse are white. The door is red and has a green doorknob.
● How large is your dream backyard / garden? I want a backyard that is the same size as the place where my family lives so I will have a lot of room for running.
● What types of things do you want in your dream backyard / garden? Here are the things in my dream backyard: A red slide, a few flowers, swings, lollipops in a box to eat when I get hungry, monkey bars, basketball ball, a race track for his toy cars, some tic-tac-toe panels
● What types of games would you play in your dream backyard / garden? I want to spend lots of playtime in my dream backyard. I would play: Hide and seek, board games (memory game and chess), basketball, run around, pretend play
● Who would you like to visit your dream backyard / garden? Aside from my parents and 3 older brothers, I’d like to invite China and Shantelle, my friends from school, to come and play with me in my dream backyard.

Harry (age 10) : England

● The dream treehouse is a platform 2.5 metres off the floor. Inside there is a TV, a bed, a box of toys.
● From the treehouse you can launch toy cars onto the track which goes around the garden.
● There is a hatch which can be opened ao you can view the stars.
● There is a pond full of wildlife in the backyard like frogs and newts. The pond leads into a river which circles the backyard and has several bridges over it for cars.
● The river also has a boat.
● There is a yellow water pump designed as a fire hydrant.
● There is a shelter in the garden where you can watch wildlife like foxes and badgers.
● It also has a splash pool which lowers into the ground.

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Ilias (age 8) : Greece

● What does your dream treehouse look like? Describe the color, size, how high off the ground is it? Does it look like another building? Though in his illustration there’s no clear treehouse, he would like just a simple traditional wooden treehouse on a very tall tree. He would also like to have a squirrel around the garden trees as a friend (the squirrel is supposed to be inside the trees’ foliage that’s why it’s not visible in his illustration, clearly)
● How large is your dream backyard / garden? It is supposed to be large enough for all the things he has illustrated and ready to host his friends to play with.
• What types of things do you want in your dream backyard / garden? A very big backyard with a swimming pool, a climbing wall and safety belt, two swings, a sunbed, a bicycle, a hammock and a small yet nice flower garden at one side. All over the place there is grass with some circle cobbles from the house to the pool.
● What types of games would you play in you dream backyard / garden? Swimming pool, cycling with bicycle all around the backyard, the climbing wall and he would also love to play chess in the open air (that was a surprise as he hasn’t depicted any chess board in his illustration)
● Who would you like to visit your dream backyard / garden? His friends, who may sleep overnight there to keep on playing the next day as well, a dog and a squirrel, which wanders around the tree branches.
● Is there anything we missed? Is there something you want to add? Nothing special, just the fact he has a squirrel as a friend and the fact there is a chess board somewhere to play chess (he didn’t specify how big).

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What would your child put in their dream backyard? What would YOU want?

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To create this project, the teams at Angie’s List and NeoMam Studios asked six children to draw their dream backyards and asked their parents to conduct a short Q&A with them to get an insight into their lives and the choices they made in their drawing. The project then moved onto the design team who recreated the drawings in the realistic CGI renders you see today.

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Images and information are reproduced here with permission.

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