Hattie + Olaf by Frida Nilsson | Kids Book Review

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The audacious and captivating Hattie and her best friend Linda navigate the social politics of their first school years in this funny, illustrated chapter book.

Hattie wants a horse more than anything. Her friend Ellen has three ponies. When Hattie’s father finally comes home with a horse trailer, Hattie is ecstatic. But instead of a horse, out stomps Olaf – a donkey. Now Hattie not only has horse fever, she suddenly catches lying sickness as well.

Inclined to emotional storms and exaggeration – always with the best intentions – Hattie is an audacious and captivating character. This warm-hearted chapter book channels the spirit of Pippi Longstocking.

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Hattie really wants a horse but instead her father comes home with a grumpy donkey. To fit in with the horse girls at school, Hattie tells a big lie. She says she has three white horses at home. Hattie has to keep lying about the horses but then she grows to love Olaf the donkey. Hattie + Olaf is a funny novel, and will appeal to girls aged eight or older whose parents won’t buy them a horse, and to those who have horses too. I loved this book. It reminded me of Pippi Longstocking.

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