The Thaumagician’s Revenge (#2 The Rise of the Remarkables) by Gareth Ward | Kids Book Review

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The Thaumagician’s Revenge is the second instalment in this crackingly paced, steampunk thrill ride from award-winning master of the genre, New Zealand author Gareth Ward.

Following on from the dramatic events of the first book in “The Rise of the Remarkables” duology, Brasswitch and Bot, we find Wrench and Bot on the hunt for Plum with the aid of Thirteen. Plum is more dangerous than ever and appears to be recruiting more aberrations – determined to re-open the rupture.

Meanwhile, the events of the Minster Schism have drained Wrench of her magic and she begins lessons with Master Tranter in attempt to re-kindle her powers. It is here that she meets Vexanna, Thirteen’s new apprentice thaumagician. They will all have their roles to play, as Wrench works to discover the truth about her past – and make it to her future alive.

A cracking read in the young adult age group.

Gareth Ward, aka, The Great Wardini is a magician, hypnotist, storyteller, bookseller and author. He has worked as a Royal Marine Commando, Police Officer, Evil Magician and Zombie. He basically likes jobs where you get to wear really cool hats. He currently resides in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand where he runs two independent bookshops, Wardini Books and Wardini Books Napier, with his wife Louise. He has a goldfish called Luna, a dog called Tonks and is certain his letter from Hogwarts has been lost in the post.

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The Thaumagician’s Revenge is part of The Rise of the Remarkables series and it is written by Gareth Ward. I think this book is very good. It is about a girl called Wrench who loses her powers and with the help of another thaumagician she gains her powers again. Wrench is scared of disappointing ‘Unit 13’.

I think this book is amazing because it is full of adventure and magic. I would recommend this book to year seven and eights.

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