Family Review: Kiwiherb Children’s Goodnight Chest Syrup

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Hearing your child cough through the night can fill parents with dread during the winter months. Kiwiherb’s new Children’s Goodnight Chest Syrup works to soothe your little one’s airways all night for a well-rested household.

While administering liquid herbs can be challenging, especially when your child is reluctant to take medicines, Kiwiherb has been working hard on creating flavours with kids in mind. We gave Hayley, mum of two, the opportunity to try out a winter wellness duo from the Kiwiherb range including the new night-time chest syrup. Read Hayley’s review of these products below.

Kiwiherb Children’s Goodnight Chest Syrup

Children’s Goodnight Chest Syrup soothes tickly airways to support your child’s easy breathing and aid in a restful night’s sleep. It works to calm the cycle of repeated night-time chest agitation to help the body restore and recover.

  • Wild cherry and passionflower work to support restful sleep
  • Hyssop, thyme and marshmallow combine to support clearing mucus from airways
  • Supports clearing lung mucus
  • Supports restful and restorative sleep

Kiwiherb Organic De-Stuff For Kids

Organic De-Stuff for Kids helps to “de-stuff” the nose and head. The natural herbal ingredients, organic elderflower, ribwort and echinacea root, work to support clear airways and helps loosen mucus to support easy breathing in children. With a base of organic apple juice, and natural peppermint and orange oil, this is specifically formulated to taste great.

  • Supports upper respiratory health
  • Ear, nasal and sinus support
  • Echinacea also provides systemic immune support
  • Convenient liquid formulation
  • Sweet peppermint taste
  • BioGro certified organic formula
  • Suitable for children and also available for adults

All Kiwiherb products are suitable to take from 0+ years.

Kiwiherb to the rescue!

Thank you for the opportunity to trial these fantastic products! We have purchased Kiwiherb before and really enjoyed their products so it was great to have them to use on both my children. Ivy is 10 months old and Ruby will be 3 years old next month.

Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of sickness in our household recently (flu, colds and gastro!) thanks to daycare bugs, so these products couldn’t have come at a better time.

Kiwiherb Children's Goodnight Chest Syrup
Kiwiherb Children's Goodnight Chest Syrup

Clearing congestion

Children’s Goodnight Chest Syrup is a fantastic product from Kiwiherb which we used when our girls had coughs as it assisted them in clearing chesty, blocked mucus.

This is a product I would purchase again, mainly because it is safe to use for younger children. It makes it a lot easier when you have a product that you can use for both children regardless of their age – thank you Kiwiherb!

The Children’s Goodnight Chest Syrup was really easy to administer to the kids as it came with an easy applicator and the girls seemed to like the taste of it. Certainly easier than some other cough syrups or wellness tonics, no bribery required! It did seem to aid sleep during illness by helping to clear congestion too.

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Organic De-Stuff for Kids is a product we’ve purchased before and will purchase again because it is easy to administer, both my girls loved the taste and I feel comfortable using something frequently that I know is safe for Ivy who is under 12 months (which is very hard to find!).

This product is great to help with nasal congestion in particular and helped to clear my girls’ noses when they were stuffy. I actually ended up using it myself while I had the flu and found it gentle and tasty!

The liquid form makes it very easy to use and importantly, easy to measure the dosage.


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Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.

The Kiwiherb range is available from your local pharmacy, health store, and online. For more information, visit

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