Third day baby blues

Two out of every three new mothers will suffer from the baby blues. The baby blues typically occurs between the third and tenth days – usually just after you have arrived home from hospital and are still struggling with breastfeeding/sleepless nights and a seemingly endless supply of dirty nappies. If you find you are suffering from the baby blues, don’t panic because it is normal and most likely will pass.

The baby blues can be responsible for a range of emotions – anything from despair about breastfeeding difficulties, to a lack of confidence in your post baby body or concerns about your ability to be a good parent.

Experiencing the baby blues is completely normal but the good news is that these feelings will usually only last a day or two and don’t require further treatment.

For approximately one in seven women who have babies, however, the baby blues develop into something further and far more serious –postnatal depression. If you suspect you are feeling more than what is described as the baby blues, please see a doctor for further information and support.

Stay positive

Remind yourself that the baby blues is just a temporary, hormonal phase related to the birth of your baby and that you will soon feel naturally happier. Adjusting to life with a new baby can be difficult and challenging but with support of family and friends, it can also be very rewarding.


This article was written by Claire Halliday for New Zealand’s leading pregnancy resource, Kidspot NZ.

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