Jelly rainbow

Jelly rainbow


Up to 25 servings


7 packets of jelly:

(Any brand is suitable for this recipe)

  • Grape (purple)
  • Creaming Soda (pink)
  • Blueberry (blue)
  • Lime (green)
  • Lemon (yellow)
  • Orange (orange)
  • Raspberry (red)

If you cannot locate the colours, add food colouring to other mixes


Prepare a ring jelly mould by spraying lightly with canola spray. It’s tasteless and will assist in the removal of jelly at completion.

Follow directions to prepare the first jelly colour (purple) in a jug and fill approximately 1/7th of the mould. This doesn’t need to be science, an estimation is fine!

Place a lid on your mould or cover with cling film and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours, or until firmly set.

When the first layer is set, prepare the second jelly colour (pink). Pour another 1/7th of the mould over the purple jelly, cover and return to the refrigerator to set.

Repeat this process for each colour, to achieve a true rainbow, pour the jelly in the colour order listed in the ingredients list.

When the last layer (red) has set completely, remove the lid/cover and place the plate or platter you wish to serve the rainbow on top of the mould, face down. It is a good idea to ensure the plate or platter is approximately 20% wider than the mould.

Invert the mould holding plate or platter in place, so the mould sits on top of the plate. Remove the centre part of the mould. The jelly will flop onto your plate or platter.

Cut a slice in the bottom centre portion of the jelly, then carefully extend from the cuts outward to form a rainbow shape.

Slice and serve with your favourite fruit or icecream – a party hit!


  • Pour leftover jelly mix in the preparation process into cups, glasses or bowls to make additional jellies.
  • Use a cake ring tin if you do not have a jelly mould. When the jelly is inverted on your plate, cover the tin in a warm cloth to assist the jelly to slip out of the tin.
  • Make your own jelly mix by mixing 3 tsp gelatine with 1 cup of clear apple juice and 1 cup boiling water. Add food colouring to achieve desired colour.
  • This is a particularly good recipe for littlies with dairy, gluten and egg allergies.
  • This recipe was created by Melissa Klemke for Kidspot, New Zealand’s best recipe finder.

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