Jelly crystal biscuits

These colourful jelly biscuits take on a delicate flavour from jelly crystals while keeping their shortbread texture. Pick your favourite colours and flavours and get the kids to help you roll these.You can also use this mixture as play dough and then bake them later.


Old-fashioned trifle made from sponge, jelly, custard and cream is still a tasty dessert but can be made healthier by omitting the cream and replacing with low fat custard. There are also hints to stop the sponge going soggy!

Jelly pools

These little jelly cups are perfect for your next birthday party. Get the kids to help you decorate them! These are sure to be a hit

Jelly biscuits

So much fun the kids will love helping to make these you can use different coloured jelly crystals and smarties they make a great birthday party food or for a school fair

Jelly berry mess

This is such a fun dessert! This raspberry-filled jelly layered with meringue and yoghurt looks amazing when served in tall glasses. And they taste great, too!