Fresh fruit cake

Are you looking for a super fresh and healthy alternative to birthday cake for babies and toddlers? Or maybe you have a child that doesn't even like cake? (Yes, they do exist.) Well this cake made of entirely fresh fruit is exactly what you are looking for.

Rainbow cake

This rainbow cake is a very easy to make and impressive birthday cake or holiday fun cake. The cake can be made the day before and iced a few hours before serving

Volcano birthday cake

Celebrate your child's next birthday with this popular birthday cake recipe with wow factor! Easy to make, the volcano is made from chocolate cake and the lava from jubes or pieces of honeycomb.

Chocolate box birthday cake

This is a clever little birthday cake that has a secret inside - a word puzzle made of fondant icing sealed inside the chocolate box. Now you can wow your birthday child with a cake that looks ever so pretty and has something to keep them busy after the party too!

Farmyard birthday cake

If you are looking for a cake that will delight your toddler then this one is for you! This cute farmyard cake will delight busy parents too when they realise this is more a fun cake-decorating activity than actual baking.

Birthday layer cake

Make a really BIG impression with this colourful birthday layer cake! It's actually quite simple - all you need to make the layers are two packet mixes and some buttercream icing.

Smash cake

This cupcake has a shell made of chocolate and is filled with soft jellies and wrapped sweets. Get the birthday girl or boy to hammer it open for a surprise.