Toy Review | Rolife DIY Miniature Dollhouse Bloomy House

Rolife have created a range of DIY miniature dollhouses that enable older children to create a dreamy world with a 360 degree stereoscopic scene. Emma (14 years) reviews the Mysterious World Bloomy House.

Emma’s mum admits, at age 14 it can be hard to find something that strikes a cord with Emma now that she has grown out of toys. The Mysterious World is like the teen/adult equivalent of LEGO but a lot more detailed and suited entirely for ages 14 years plus.

Intricate DIY fun

The easiest way to describe the Mysterious World is as a diorama where you put the entire thing together yourself.

DIY Kits Mysterious World Bloomy House

Emma received the Bloomy House which she needed to assemble into a 3 storey home. The pieces are very intricate and need to be assembled into furniture and ornaments.

It’s so detailed that there are actual working lightbulbs complete with batteries for the cute little lanterns! Some of the other pieces involve you needing to paint a letterbox and mould wire into ornate shapes.

Step by step …

To guide you on your way there’s a very comprehensive instruction manual which Emma was able to follow herself with little assistance from her mum. You also receive wire, paint, and tweezers to help put it all together. The details are just amazing and it was so satisfying for Emma to see all the pieces come together as a result of her hard work with each layer she assembled.

Creative days

Rolife DIY Kits

The whole Bloomy House took Emma around four days to complete. One of the great things about it is that you can chip away at it at your own leisure.

And the once the project is all finished, there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing you put the whole thing together yourself, while it’s displayed proudly!

Emma’s mum really enjoyed seeing Emma getting into the project and it was great to see her away from devices and into something creative during lockdown.

Would we recommend?

Emma and her Mum would definitely recommend the Rolife DIY Miniature Dollhouse Bloomy House as a fun, satisfying project for ages 14 years plus to sink their teeth into! It would make a great present and is very value-packed and a great way to also bond with your teen when assisting with some of the more detailed pieces.


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