Toy Review | Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers

The Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers game is a flippin’ fast feeding frenzy as players launch plastic watermelons directly into their hippo’s mouth. Like the classic Hungry Hungry Hippos game, this electronic game is fun for boys and girls ages 4 and up.

This latest version of the family favourite is motorized – the hippos opening and closing their mouths while players continue to fling the melons, hoping to land the most shots. It’s fun for kids to press and release the melons from the launcher, and watch each swallowed watermelon roll back down into the scorecard ramp.

Indie and Thea review

Indie (age 8) and Thea (age 6) along with their Mum Renee tried out the Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers game and share with us their thoughts.

Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers

A new twist on an old classic game that keeps the kids focussed and engaged for longer than your average “board” game.

The Hungry Hungry Hippos Launcher game can be played by the whole family and the best part is that everyone plays the game at the same time so, no need to wait for your turn!

Unlike the traditional version of Hungry Hungry Hippos where the game is usually over and done with in less than a minute this game lasts a whole lot longer due to the focus and skill required to launch the balls – which are actually designed as cute little watermelons – into the hippos mouths.

Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers

Plus, the girls came up with a plan that when there are only two players you can make the game last even longer by having to get 10 balls in the hippos mouth rather than just the standard 5. Definitely one to play on the floor so that the balls don’t travel too far if you do miss the hippos mouth. Overall, it’s an awesome game that can be enjoyed by all ages and is constantly being played in our home!

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