30 impressive last-minute cake stall recipes

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they have to step up to the stove and show what they’re made of. Yes, folks, it’s cake stall time.

Whether the thought of producing baked goods for mass consumption fills you with joy and inspiration or makes you want to curl up in the foetal position and rock gently back and forth, we are here to help! Here are 30 fabulous – and very achievable – recipes that are guaranteed to bring them flocking.

Cake stall classics

People turn up to cake stalls expecting to see the recipes below in abundance. Who are you to disappoint them?

1. Toffee

Little patty cases full of toffee are the cornerstone of every self-respecting cake stall. Make it right and you’ll have created ‘lock-jaw toffee’, guaranteed to keep the kids quiet for quite some time.

2. Coconut jam slice

Those gorgeous trays full of coconut and jam will have you feeling nostalgic for your childhood – and that’s even before you’ve had a nibble!

3. Chocolate crackles

Needs no introduction. Perfection in a patty case.

4. Easy chocolate fudge

The only thing you’ll like more than the taste of this fudge is how ridiculously easy it is to make. Wrap it up in brightly coloured foil to make it look extra special.

5. Honey joys

Cornflakes + honey + patty case = big smiles all round.

6. Chocolate brownies

Good old chocolate brownies. They don’t look too fancy, no bells and whistles, but there’s no chance that you’ll be having to carry any home at the end of the day.

Sensational slices

Nothing screams cake stall like a slice. Beautiful squares of yum just waiting to be devoured.

7. Mars Bar slice

Do I really need to convince you further? I bet you’re already mentally wolfing down that first glorious bite (as chef, you have to taste, after all!).

8. Coconut lemon slice

A cake stall stalwart, this has a strong zingy lemon flavour which works perfectly with the sweet coconut topping.

9. Hedgehog slice

A delicious crunchy offering, thanks to its combo of nuts, biscuits and chocolate.

10. Caramel slice

No cake stall is complete without the sweet perfection that is caramel slice. This one’s all about maximum reward for minimum effort.

11. Choc rainbow squares

You’ve got a chocolate cakey base, you’ve got a sprinkle of rainbow of Smarties and choc bits on top … you can not possibly go wrong.

12. Chocolate rough slice

If you like yourself a bit of choc rough (I hear you, sister), you’ve come to the right place.

13. No-bake white chocolate cheesecake

Looks as spectacular as it tastes. It could become a bit of a casualty in extremely hot weather, but it probably won’t be around long enough to be a problem.

Not-so-naughty num-nums

If you’re looking to minimise the sugar rush and maximise nutrition but don’t want people giving your stall a wide berth, here are some offerings that are delicious while still packing a healthy punch. The other mums will love you for them.

14. Oat date and honey muffins

Oats for goodness, date and honey for sweetness. Everyone’s happy.

15. Chia seed muesli bars

Chia seeds, coconut, oats, sunflower kernels … these nut-free delights are so tasty you’ll soon be making them on a weekly basis as a healthy snack.

16. Energy bars

Your little ones will love these chewy bars and you’ll love how it’ll keep them full and stop them nagging for more sweet treats (maybe … wait, who am I kidding?).

17. Orange and oat bran muffins recipe

Don’t let the boring-sounding title fool you, these muffins are delightfully moist thanks to the inclusion of orange juice.

18. Spelt choc chip cookies

The prettiest biscuits at the fair? Well, no, probably not. Tasty, healthy, and unlikely to be thrown up on the tilt-a-whirl? Why yes.

Cupcakes and tarts

Colourful cupcakes and sweet tarts not only taste superb but always look gorgeous on the stand.

19. Cookie Monster cupcakes

Chocolate flavoured cupcakes topped with blue icing, googly eyes and half a chocolate chip cookie in its mouth. The most fun cupcakes ever!

20. Puppy cupcakes

These adorable puppy cupcakes look very impressive but are pretty simple to make. Guaranteed to receive lots of “awwwws”.

21. Rainbow cupcakes

Beautiful multi-coloured cupcakes in whatever flavour you want – kids will go crazy for these!

22. Banana cupcakes with honey cream

Gorgeous cupcakes with the healthy boost of bananas, and the most heavenly topping imaginable.

23. Salted caramel tarts

These are the classiest little tarts you ever did see.

24. Lemon curd tarts

This light and tangy lemon curd can be used as a delicious tart filling and will have people beating a path to your stall.

25. Pear custard tart

This pear and custard tart recipe can be made easily from ingredients in your pantry. The tart looks lush but has very simple flavours that everyone will love.

Show stoppers

These are the ones that stop people in their tracks, that they’ll be talking about long after the fete is over. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be the mum that all the others secretly envy?

26. Tiny Teddies pool party

When people see your gorgeous Tiny Teddies floating in their blue pools with their little life buoys and lolly towels, they’ll go crazy for them. And you can just smile smugly and try to look modest.

27. Strawberry Rice Bubbles hearts

Your hearts will be winning hearts all over the show.

28. Cake pops

So yum, so fun, so colourful … where were cake pops when was growing up, hmm?!

29. Biscuit wands

What can I say? I’m a sucker for anything on a stick. You can make stars, hearts, or whatever shape you happen to have in your cookie cutter collection.

30. Choc chip beetles

These gorgeous bright red lady beetles will catch everyone’s eye and tempt everyone’s tastebuds.

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