Father’s Day Recipe Ideas From Breakfast to Dessert

We all know the old adage – a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – so if you’re struggling to find the right way to celebrate the Dad in your life, try one of these 8 sure-fire meal winners.

1. Before he wakes up

Nothing says, “We love you, Dad!” more than waiting on him before he’s even out of bed. You could go for some eggs, a big fry-up, the healthier option of fresh fruit and yoghurt or his favourite cereal such as this delicious Bircher muesli (or a combination of the above). Make sure you include a cuppa and Dad’s onto a winning Father’s Day before his feet have even hit the floor.

Even little kids can get involved in helping to put together a tray – and then jumping on the bed perilously close to dad as he tries to eat.

2. Beautiful brunches

If the thought of crumbs all through the bed makes you shudder, Dad can still have a luxurious lie-in and get up at his leisure while you prepare a mid-morning feast fit for a king. Brunch calls for something substantial, but you’ve also got more options, so it’s time to get a bit adventurous. Whip up some mouthwatering pancakes, a hearty breakfast burrito, a frittata or a well-packed toasted sandwich or melt.

3. Give the gift of food

A cute little gift of food that he can take to work will last long after Father’s Day (unless the kids tuck into it before then), and is an activity that kids can help out with in the lead-up to Father’s Day. Wrap it in a box, place it in a cool jar or canister, or wrap it in brightly coloured paper and present it to your dad with a big hug and a kiss. If you’re lucky, he might even share some with you.

Try these irresistible treats: easy oreo truffles,  raspberry rocky roadeasy peanut brittle, or lemon drops.

4. Take over the tongs

Show Dad what you’ve got by taking control of the barbie for a day and grilling up a storm with items like BBQ pork ribs, a perfect steak  or lamb koftas. All he has to do is sit back with his feet up and a beverage in his hand. But be careful, he might enjoy it so much that he hands over future BBQ duties altogether!

5. Make him a roast with the most

Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, a huge traditional roast meal with all the trimmings is sure to be gratefully received. Serve up whichever protein is Dad’s personal favourite – perhaps a classic roast beef, or a traditional roast chicken or pork.

6. Pack a picnic

You don’t have to go far to enjoy a Father’s Day picnic. A family game of soccer or horseshoes in the backyard, lying on a picnic blanket reading a new book, an ice-cold beer or Thermos of coffee in his hand … it’s dad nirvana! And it’ll only get taken to greater heights when you open up the picnic hamper and pull out some winners like quick mini quiches  or an apple tea cake.

7. Bake him a sweet treat

The smell of freshly baking goods wafting through the house is practically a gift in itself. Get baking and present your dad with a still-warm cake, cookie, slice or scone to enjoy for morning or afternoon tea with his favourite cuppa. Happy Father’s Day indeed!

Try some of these great ideas: orange cakelumberjack cakeraspberry and pear crumble cake or easy scones.

8. Delight with dessert

If the dad in your life is the type to always look at the dessert menu first, then give the man what he wants most and prepare a delicious dessert to tantalise the tastebuds, warm his heart and, ahem, expand his belly.

Chocoholics will love chocolate mousse or chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce, or try some dessert classics like banoffee pielemon meringue pie, or tiramisu.

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