How to create a family time capsule

Parents remember the significant events of their children’s lives – birthdays and their first day of school – but it’s easy to forget the small details as the years go by. But create a time capsule and you’ll be preserving family life forever. Here’s how to make your own family time capsule.

What’s in a family time capsule?

The contents of your capsule is really up to you and your family, although it should contain items that sum up everyday life in your household, along with things that capture a time and place. So it could be one special toy per child, school reports, photos and favourite artworks. You could also ask each child to write down their dreams, ideas and favourite parts of their day, before sealing each piece of paper in an individual envelope. Include physical images, rather than those on CD-Roms or memory sticks, as technology will change over time and you may not be able to access them in the future.

How to pack your capsule

Put all of your items in a sealed plastic bag to protect them from moisture and mould and place the bag inside a container, such as a shoe box, large Tupperware container, vintage suitcase, or other type of box. Then bury it in the back yard, or hide it in the garage or attic until you decide to re-introduce it to your children.

When do you open your family time capsule?

This is also up to you and your family. Some parents choose to make it an annual event, opening their capsule at the end of 12 months, before making another and starting the ritual all over again. Other families make a time capsule every two to five years, so their children are in a new growth phase by the time the box is opened.

Get your children involved

Making a family time capsule should be a family event, prompting children to contemplate the passing of time, and boosting feelings of security and confidence. It’s also a great activity to do in the school holidays, as your children will have enough time to gather the items they’d like to put in the capsule, before designating a date to put it together when the rest of the family are around.

How a time capsule bonds your family

Creating a family capsule is a great way to strengthen the bonds within your family, capturing a moment in time and giving you the opportunity to gather together at the time of making it and the re-opening. Opening the capsule should be a special day that your family always spends together, celebrating current life and reliving past memories.

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