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If you’re a parent who has introduced a new sibling to your child or you’re about to, you’ll be aware of the process around this super significant event!

There’s the excitement of an impending sibling, or the disappointment if they were perhaps hoping for a sister but got a brother! The jealousy and ownership of Mum, Dad, their knees, their attention and all the toys in the house, probably. Or maybe you’ll see a generous “sharing is caring” spirit, Mummy’s little helper. Whatever the weather, there are a lot of questions and understandable curiosity around this new tiny human about to join the family.

Kiwi Baby

Will the egg EVER hatch? This is a story for all children eagerly awaiting a new sibling.

‘When Baby wakes up,
will she hop and jump?’
‘Not yet, Kiwi Iti,
these things take time.’

Kiwi Baby is a beautiful book for expectant parents who have a child awaiting their brand new baby brother or sister to miraculously appear from their Mummy’s tummy. Together the family can read the book in preparation for the big day. As your little one’s anticipation and curiosity grows it may well be a book you read repeatedly.

Author Helen Taylor has written and illustrated a number of picture books and is an award-winning children’s book illustrator. Helen’s gentle text and exquisitely detailed illustrations tells the story of the little Kiwi family and their brand new egg holding Kiwi Iti’s baby sister. Will Baby Kiwi hop and jump? Search for worms? Flap her wings? Play with Kiwi Iti? All good questions from a waiting big sister! How will Dad, Kiwi Nui, answer these curious questions seemingly the secret hopes of Kiwi Iti? Gently and patiently.

“The story of Kiwi Baby shows that growing a family takes patience and love, but is oh-so-worth the wait”. For my 6 year old son with a sibling the story was a reminder of when his life changed for the better, for the most part, when his baby brother was born. His “best buddy” I heard him call his brother one sleepy morning. It was the sweetest thing to hear and to recall when on other occasions they’re in the midst of high velocity, high pitched, struggles about something. The little one was taking the story on board, with oo’s and intrigue around “the egg!” I could tell by the look on his face though that a new Kiwi joining the family is not something he’s considering at this stage, the 6 year old niece with no younger siblings was however in-love with the idea of a new sibling as she empathised with Iti’s keen interest in what this baby kiwi will be able to do and when!

Kiwi Baby

It’s awesome to note that Kiwi Baby is also available in te red Maori, Pipi Kiwi.

Ahea RAWA pao ai te hua? This Maori-language story is for all children eagerly awaiting a new sibling.

‘Kia oho a Pipi,
ka pekepeke ia?’
‘E kao, Kiwi Iti,
taria te wa.’

He korero ataahua mo te tatari kia puta, kia tupu te pepi hou. Ma nga tama me nga kotiro nohinohi e tatari ana kia tae mai to muri iho.

In te reo Maori and English, Pipi Kiwi/Kiwi Baby, is a gorgeous story about how our new siblings need time to hatch, time to grow, and all our love.

Ronnie Swainston
Written by Ronnie Swainston

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