What To Pack For A Camping Trip

Those Scouts and Brownies were on to something when they talked about being prepared. Camping really is more enjoyable when you’ve come prepared. So we’ve put together a comprehensive camping list for you – simply tick off as you go (or cross it off if you think you don’t need it) and you will never be caught short again!

What you will need to take will depend on where you are going – if you are camping in the back of beyond you will need to take everything with you including a solar shower, water and perhaps even a toilet and gas fridge. If you’re going to a well set up campground and are able to use their kitchen, fridge and freezer, water and bathrooms, your list will not be so long.

Either way, using a list that you regularly update will eliminate nasty surprises.

Print the Kidspot Ultimate Camping Packing List

Regular campers

If you want to make camping a regular occurrence, we suggest having a completely separate set of all the cutlery, utensils and crockery, rather than using everything from your kitchen. That way you will always have it packed away and ready to go. Simply pull the whole container out before you head off, and check everything off on the list to make sure nothing has gone walkabout.

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